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Hi there,

Let me introduce you to the things around here. On the top right-hand corner, you’ll see the ‘MENU’ tab. If you click on it, you’ll find the following categories: About, Blog, Works, TFYP, FAQ, Contact & Reviews/Rants/Rambles. I personally like the last category which consists of my uncensored layman opinions on books and movies I’ve read and watched. They are mostly filled with spoilers but they will entertain you (or they could offend you, you’ve been warned). My next favourite category has to be TFYP which is all about my novel The Final Year Project. Although you can read the first three subchapters on here, I’ve taken the novel out of sales, so if you would like to read the whole story – first of all, you flatter me, second of all, you’re amazing – contact me via the contact form. Same goes if you’d like me to review any books or movies of your choice. Along with my blog, I also post one-liners (sometimes they’re not) and short stories. Forgive me if there’s not much going on there. I’m working on a second novel, titled When Ishwar Weds Dhara at the moment! Subscribe to receive writing/reading/watching updates every Tuesday and Friday (and sometimes some other days). I’m also on InstagramNot an everyday uploader but trust me, with my cam skills, you’re not missing out on anything!

Live it up, fam!

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