Is it too early?

For me to feel slightly intimidated?

I never thought about it prior to today, but my oh my, are there a lot of writers.

Will I even get published? Will my book even become successful? Even if my story is good, why would anyone read it? This novel as I see it, although will be interesting, may not be entertaining. It’s not fun, but it has an element of excitement. It’s not dynamic but it’ll keep you flipping the pages. If there’s one thing it is, it’s peaceful. It’s valuable. It’s strong.

And amidst my concerns, it dawned on me, that it’s alright.

This book is essentially a head fake. As much as it is meant for it’s eventual readers, it’s meant for my family, my friends and me.

Nonetheless, I continued surfing the net, searching on how books become popular, out of curiosity. Pretty interesting advice they have on the net. Apparently, scientists say that successful books make use of conjunctions more than unsuccessful ones, and unsuccessful ones make use of a lot of verbs. But I wonder if they controlled for the number of pages in each type of book.

More importantly, I seem to be facing another dilemma. Until now, I thought I’d use a first person approach on the novel, now I’m not so sure. We’ll see how it goes.

// Autobiographic novel?

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