23 subchapters and 4 chapters to go.

25 subchapters and 2 chapters done.
Butterfly effect

This wasn’t the story I embarked on two years ago.

It’s really funny how things work out.

Two years ago when I first started I was working on this book called The Grad Trip which is essentially about three friends on a trip to Seoul, South Korea. I had to pause that book because I was using places I’d never been to before and so I figured I could only be able to correctly portray the places if I’d gone there. I’d actually intended to go to Seoul for my own grad trip. But that didn’t pan out. So I had to pause this book.

I skipped over to one on Contract Marriage. This was entirely due to a phase when I was against love and marriage.

I screwed up this novel too with my writing. I think I kinda just delved into it without much plotting. And my writing style was bad. Because I was writing whichever chapters I felt like writing. I wrote chapters independently of each other which makes for an impossibly atrocious novel. I had to pause it.

Then I started on Butterfly Effect. I did some massive plotting (massive by my own standards). And it kind of worked. Something clicked.

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