Remo (TAMIL)


First off, I’m actually quite disappointed with this movie. And it’s so sad because I was hooked onto all the songs in this movie for like an entire four months before this movie came out. I also like the actor and actress in this movie. But this movie’s plot was so disgusting. I cannot.


0.5/5 – just cause it’s funny at some times.

PLOT: SK who goes about his daily business not caring about romance falls in love at first sight when he sees Kavya. Within five days of simply just seeing her, he goes to her house to propose to her. (Mind you, Kavya doesn’t even know of his existence). At her house, she’s actually having an engagement ceremony. SK goes into love failure mode. He is distraught. (MIND YOU AFTER FIVE DAYS OF SIMPLY JUST STARING AT HER)

And so he pursues his own dreams of becoming an actor. He goes to an audition. But he fails. The audition required him to act as a female nurse. But he gets rejected. He gets heartbroken. And still in the female nurse get up he takes the public bus back home dejectedly. In the bus, he gets harassed by a guy who think he’s a girl. Just nice, Kavya, who introduces herself as Dr. Kavya comes to SK’s rescue mistaking him for a female nurse as well. She comes to know SK as Remo asks Remo what’s wrong upon seeing her so dejected. Remo tells her she can’t find a job. Dr. Kavya asks Remo to find her at her hospital the next day.

Thus begins SK/Remo’s scam. Remo joins her hospital and tries to change her mind about marrying the guy her parents had chosen for her while trying to woo her as SK.

DISLIKES: There’s a lot of things I dislike about this movie.

First of all, this SK guy doesn’t even know her and in the five days of just seeing her he knows where she lives. It’s not cool.


Him getting a job at the hospital with fake credentials and actually working as a nurse helping people with no medical expertise, is fake AF. I want to close one eye since this is a comedy movie, but I can’t. Because I’ve read about such things happening in India and this movie trivialises such cheating.


Although I can give it to Kavya that she’s never been in love so she initially gets wavered by SK’s gestures… She’s a doctor. And the plot dumbs down her character so much. She actually falls in love with SK without even knowing his surname, without even knowing what he does for a living. She knows nothing about him and she cancels her marriage for SK (which happens prior to her finding out SK is Remo).


The only reason the audience wants Kavya to end up with SK is cause the plot is such that her groom-to-be is depicted to be an ass. (It’s really choosing between two lousy guys).

This movie romanticises the idea that no matter what you do, as long as it’s for love, it’s justified.


LIKES: The songs. Quite funny. SK’s voice modulation. That’s it. Okay one more,  his proposal scene as SK, it was charming AF, not gonna lie, and the BGM was perfect, I was floored (aldoe I’ve got no clue where he got the $$$$$$$$ to pull that stunt off anyway).

But ultimately,



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