4/5 nuff said.

PLOT: It’s about three girls who claim to have gotten molested at this coincidental meet up with a group of guys, one of whom they know. One of the girl, Minal, injures one of the guys, Rajveer (who has an affluent politician as his uncle)  with a beer bottle and he needs 7 stitches or whatnot. So he isn’t happy. He and his friends go after the girls. The girls decide to make a police complaint for outrage of modesty but the police tells them not to pursue it as it will end up being more humiliating for the girls if more people come to find out. Anyway, Rajveer files a complaint against the girls for attempted murder and accuses them of being prostitutes and for luring the guys to have intimate relations.


And he claims when the guys had refused to pay, Minal had gotten angry and attacked him. So the rest of the movie is about the court case.

FAVOURITE SCENE: One of the three girls, while on the stand cannot take the accusations by the prosecution who fights for the guys. The prosecutor accuses her and her friends of being prostitutes and the girl completely loses it and agrees. At that point when I watched this, I literally thought she was owning up to it. It was a good fake plot twist. The girl was trying to make an important point that even if they were prostitutes if they changed their minds – if they withdrew their consents at the last moment – it should still be valid.



A good movie. Watch it.

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