Working on Conditional Marriage while having a day job

It’s going okay. But I find it quite the challenge to work on it while having a day job. It feels like I’m working seven days before getting a day off which I spend writing. I try to write during commute which takes like four hours to and fro. But sometimes the exhaustion of work kicks in. My head aches, my stomach’s empty and I’m just too tired. I do shift work so I think it’s a little harder to concentrate. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I find it hard to write when I’m tired. But I find a way to get around it. This is what I do: I think about the story, I think about the scene. Thinking requires effort but thinking is much easier than putting thoughts into words. So I start by just thinking about a story. I get real excited. And I use the excitement to get started on writing.

But it’s still a difficult process.

I have read about people who write in their free time while having a day job. Impressive.


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