Sanam Teri Kasam (HINDHI)

I was searching for a comedy movie to watch – cause my life is already stressful as it is and I’ve got no time to pile some fake person’s troubles on top of mine. So how did I end up watching this?


I actually skimmed through the plot on wiki before I got to watching this. I knew what I was getting into but… I don’t know why but I just had to click on this.

This movie had so much potential to be funny but they decided to make it so intense and depressing which… is… okay. It was a great tear jerker. It was fine. I actually loved it.

First things first, the guy’s hot (Harshvardhan who plays Inder). The girl’s cute AF (Mawra Hocane who plays Saru).



PLOT: It’s a flashback movie for like 140 minutes out of 155 minutes, which is fine. It’s about a story about a frumpy looking girl, Saru, who’s trying to find a guy to marry because if she doesn’t get married, her younger sister can’t marry her lover. (Indian tradition for older sister to marry first). Saru likes this guy at her workplace who’s basically just using her love for him by making her do all his work. But anyway, the younger sister tries to set up Saru, but the blind date fails and the sister insults Saru for being so unworthy of love.


This motivates Saru to want to have a makeover. Incidentally, the playboy guy living below her apartment, Inder, has a monday girlfriend who’s a make up artist. Saru goes in search of Inder and asks him for a favour: to ask his monday girlfriend to give her a make over. The thing is, she goes in search of him at 4am. The monday girlfriend comes back drunk and gets the wrong idea. Shit happens. Even Saru’s dad walks in on Inder and Saru, and gets the wrong idea. Dad disowns Saru. Feeling responsible, Inder helps Saru with her makeover and self assigns himself to the role of being her matchmaker. But just as he intends to set her up – with himself – ,the colleague at work starts to date her. They even agree to get married. Inder, being as awesome and dumb as he is, decides to help Saru out with anything she needs done for the wedding since she’s got no one. Come marriage registration day, the colleague doesn’t show up. Inder and Saru go in search of the colleague and realise the colleague’s parents are against the marriage cause they don’t want a daughter-in-law that got disowned by her own family.


(-_- By this point, I’m wondering how this colleague survived his life being such a douche) Saru gets really upset.

//And I’m there like, INDER THAT’S YOUR CUE. But he doesn’t make a move, which I can also understand cause it will look like he’s confessing out of pity//

Anyway, Saru decides to go to the honeymoon suite that she and the colleague had pre booked. Inder follows just to ensure she’s okay. They end up hooking up. And I shit you not. I teared. Really weird scene to tear up at but daaaaaaaamn. It was a sad hook up scene. But the next morning, Inder wakes up to an empty bed. (Shocker, I thought it would be Inder who’d go missing) He goes to the window to see the girl hugging her colleague?!?!?! (Double whammy). Inder ends up going missing (Told ya). He runs away from her. He plans to run away to another country. But while he’s getting ready to leave, Saru’s mother comes over to his house to give him an invitation to the younger sister’s wedding so that he can pass it to Saru since Saru has not been in contact with her. Inder decides it’s gonna be the last thing he does for Saru. He goes in search of her at her work place, but she ain’t there. He asks the colleague she was supposed to marry, but apparently, they haven’t been in contact either. Somehow, Inder manages to find out she’s out on a trip to the woods trekking up a mountain or something. He goes in search of her. They get into an argument with regards to who pushed the other away first. Cause she’d tried calling Inder after he left her at the suite, but he didn’t pick up. Anyway the fight gets settled, they reunite and then she faints. Turns out she’s got cancer and not much time, and it was the colleague that handed her that piece of news when he’d come over to the honeymoon suite and that was why they were hugging.


The rest of the story is about getting her, her family back, the love story of Inder and Saru, and Inder’s backstory.

SCREENPLAY: Is fine. The only reason this movie was amazing was because of its cast. The leads had amazing chemistry.

I like a couple of dialogues. Like there’s one which goes –

‘If things go your way, good. If they don’t, it means better things are on its way.’

MUSIC: Every song in this is sad. Even the lighthearted ones sound sad. I’ll let it slide. My favourite’s Kheech Meri Photo.

LIKES: Every subplot was addressed.The acting was so good. Inder’s love for her was so pure. It’s been so long since I’ve seen pure love in movies. The parts where Inder is fighting for her against her dad are the best parts of the movie. Because he tries to be respectful to her dad while trying to defend Saru. It’s really sweet.

PET PEEVES: There’s this one scene that I don’t like. When Inder and Saru finally decide to get married, the father comes to stop it. And the situation goes such that her dad makes Saru choose between him and Inder. And she chooses her father. HOW CAN YOU DO THAT?! She’s hugging her dad and holding onto Inder’s arm and she releases Inder’s arm. HOW CAN YOU DO THAT?! Look I understand. I won’t give up my dad either. But girl, BEG YOUR DAD SOME MORE WILL YOU?! BEG HIM INSTEAD OF JUST GIVING INDER UP!!


Well, the dad agrees to their marriage in the end but still…

Another thing I don’t like is, how far the dad goes to punish his daughter. Yes, you caught your daughter in a compromising situation, yes you’re pissed off, but seriously you actually do last rites prayers for your daughter? Like what? And because in Indian culture we put garlands on pictures of our dead relatives, and we see Saru’s photo in her house having garlands. You mean to tell me, the dad actually buys new sets of garlands for Saru’s picture every week or something? Like he’d go to that extent and then at the end still feel guilty? (Because we see the dad (somewhat) missing Saru before he finds out about her cancer diagnosis) It doesn’t tally. Or maybe he’s got such a high ego that he needs to maintain his bluff in front of his wife and younger daughter… -_-. Oh well.

Bottom line: Cried my eyes out and you will too.


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