Thodari (TAMIL)

My friend told me this movie isn’t good. And trust me it’s not everyday I end up liking a movie that my friends don’t like. It’s more likely that I dislike a movie that everyone else likes.

But anyway…


PLOT: The movie is about a train ride. Basically Pooch, the main male lead, works on the train. He meets this actress and her make up assistant, Saroja, on the train. He instantly likes Saroja and he lies to her about himself to gain her adoration. There are a whole lot of other characters and all of these characters – each with their individual storyline – come to have a part to play in the train’s inevitable derailment. Whether or not the people will survive, whether or not the main leads’ love will survive are the main questions of the movie.

LIKES: Okay I usually don’t like individual storylines with a converging event but this movie is a definite exception. The thing that carries it through is the sense of humour of almost all the characters. It’s an implausible occurrence on a train that’s going to crash. I mean everyone on the train knows they’re up for a crash, they get real time access to the news online but they’re all relatively too chill about it. It’s so ridiculous, it’s actually hilarious!


Another thing I like is how the movie addresses a lot of everyday issues with the introduction of different characters effortlessly. Usually in multiple storylines with a converging event, the cut to different storylines is so forced. The storylines don’t link until the final event. In this movie, there’s a logical sequence to the introduction of each new character which makes the transition very smooth.

PET PEEVES: BUT!! They went overboard with the fight sequence on top of a train going at 100km/hr. They went overboard with the dance sequence on top of a train going at 100km/hr. They went overboard depicting an old train going at 100km/hr around curves without getting derailed. They went overboard with the news channels in the movie painting Saroja as a terrorist who plans to derail the train. I mean, they make that judgement based on no concrete evidence and these are not even tabloid,  gossip mongering  kind of news channels. It’s the actual news. And then the movie even made the police believe the news channel. Only saving grace, they didn’t carry that storyline too far and the misunderstanding got sorted out.

I’d give it a 4/5. It made me laugh.


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