I found it

I’ve been missing inspiration to write. It’s not writer’s block. It’s writer’s mood.

And I get through it by having the perfect song.

The songs that got me going with Butterfly effect were the tracks from Remo. Sirrikadhey, Senjitaley mainly. Before those two, it was Pachai vanna poove.

The songs that gets me going with the Grad Trip are Amazing by Infinite and Sungkyu’s 27 album.

And I’ve been searching for songs to get me started the Contract Marriage. I chanced upon it by accident. I have no idea why I was on this pre wedding video for an indian wedding on youtube but there was this song.

Neeyae vaazhkai enbaen.

I actually watched the movie this song came out in, but had no idea of it’s existence@

Time to get Contract Marriage going (I’m already 20K words in though)

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