Of course i love you…! Til I find someone better… (Durjoy Datta & Maanvi Ahuja)


SYNOPSIS: Of course I love you is set in Delhi, 2006 – 2008, and revolves around nightclubs, colleges, relationships and friendships. Debashish “Deb” Roy is a college student who has dated and bedded many girls. He is happy until he forms a relationship with a female named Avantika. Dev’s life worsens as his relationship with Avantika deepens. Avantika is forced to listen to her spiritual “Guru” to leave Deb, ultimately dumping him.  Deb is kicked out of his college placements and gets a job in a government office where his father used to work. He befriends the office genius Amit, who is inexperienced with girls, and waits for his life to improve and Avantika to return to him.


(cause I find things too annoying to call it pet peeves)

I won’t rate this book cause I didn’t finish it. But I held on for 8 chapters. So I think I am justified enough to rant about it.


Here’s the thing, when I first started out writing, I was watching all these YouTube videos on how you have to make characters believable, realistic, imperfect, etc. The character in this book, Deb, is so imperfect it’s an overkill. HE IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LIKE.


He is so sex-crazed and an ass to his girlfriend. He thinks cheaply of his girl best friend which just makes me wonder why on earth they’re best friends. I’m supposing he changes for the better by the end of the book cause the book has got some good reviews. But damn am I not gonna stick around for it.

The story itself… Well for the first 8 chapters, it only shows how much of an ass Deb is. He suffers no moral dilemma when cheating on his girlfriend, screwing over his friendships to get a girl, breaking promises and lying to his parents. Makes you wonder how this kind of human even has friends.

The english and the writing is fine. But


Maybe the writer wants people to feel repulsed at Deb’s character, which is fine. He sure got that reaction from me. But I guess, my tolerance level is too low for me to give Deb a second chance.

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