Hm… This rant is gonna be short.


The thing about tamil movies with the leads playing dual roles… is that one of them dies. That’s the trope.


And I mean… there are some scripts that make you really feel for that loss. Maattran, for example, had one of the best loss sequence. I really bawled my eyes out. But the sequence in Kodi… wasn’t that sad.

PLOT: Kodi and Anbu are twin brothers. Kodi is heavily involved in the political sphere, Anbu’s a college professor. Kodi’s girlfriend, Rudra, is heavily involved in politics too, but she’s with the party opposing Kodi’s party. In a turn of events, they both end up standing against each other in an election. Kodi… well… ends up getting killed brutally and unjustly. It sparks something in Anbu. He wants to be the man Kodi wanted to be – a good guy standing up for the people. And he also wants to take revenge for his brother’s death.

LIKES: Kodi and Anbu. Their character arcs are so likeable. Trisha’s good in her role. It’s a well directed film where all the character motivations make sense. It’s fine actually. The plot, the movie, the songs, everything.

PET PEEVES: It’s… nothing new. I mean, the base storyline is nothing new. And there’s no oomph factor when things get revealed. For example, in THERI , the audience know exactly how the story is going to go, but with every reveal, the audience is still surprised. In this movie, everything happens as you expect it.

I mean it’s a fine one-time watch movie. I don’t think it’s a waste of time. Kodi and Anbu’s characters made it alright.



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