Kaashmora (TAMIL)


I actually liked this movie. The trailer is exceptionally misleading in a good way. I’d thought it be some baahubali kind of movie and after watching ruthramahadevi I was under the impression anyone trying to match up to baahubali should reconsider.

This movie was not the baahubali type.


PLOT: Kaashmora and his entire family are in the business of driving evil spirits away. Yamini, a student, doing a thesis to prove all these people in the ghost business are just swindlers milking money, comes to find this family and makes acquaintances with them under the guise of saying she wants to see a ghost.

Unbeknownst to her, she’s actually right about this family. (That’s what’s so funny about this movie. This family is a fraud. BUT THEY CARRY THE SCHEME TILL THE END EVEN WHEN THEIR LIVES ARE IN DANGER)

In a series of events, Kaashmora ends up helping a politician to get rid of ‘evil spirits’. The politician begins to trust him so much that he decides to hide all his black money in Kaashmora’s house while Kaashmora is out on another ghost hunting errand. The family makes a run for it with the money and plans to meet Kaashmora halfway but this ghost errand turns out to be too real for Kaashmora to handle. His family gets sucked into it. Even Yamini does. They get shut-in in a palace.

Kaashmora realises this can’t be a coincidence and tries to find out what he’s doing there and what the ghost in the palace want with him all in a bid to try and escape.

LIKES: The sense of humour that floats through the entire movie even when the characters  face the real ghosts is one of a kind. Okay, hardcore horror films buffs will hate this. But the only kind of horror I like is the comedic kind, so this movie totally won the lottery. The ghost-villain’s flashback was very well written and well directed.

PET PEEVES: There were some redundant scenes, like there’s this one scene where Kaashmora gets chased by a hellhound. First the CGI was CMI (cannot make it). But I don’t get why he was chased in the first place? And then the hellhound just disappears… ??


2.5/5. Decent movie. I could actually watch this movie again HAHA, not for the plot, but for the comedy and the flashback sequence.

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