Lights Out (2016)

I watched it. A horror movie.


Was at a friend’s place for the new year and we had nothing to do after dinner so we put this movie on. Oh god.


PLOT: This ‘Diana’ thing is killing people trying to take away Sophie from her. They’re supposedly friends. Sophie is a little mentally deranged. And she seems to think of ‘Diana’ thing as her friend. Diana’s only weakness is the light. She only appears in the dark so as long as there’s light, she can’t hurt anyone. But she holds grudges. When Sophie tries to introduce her son, Martin to Diana, Martin turns on the light and daaaamn does Diana get pissed off. Anyway, Diana starts killing Sophie’s family. And Sophie finally has enough of it. Sophie, Martin, Sophie’s daughter – Rebecca -, and Rebecca’s boyfriend all get stuck in the house with Diana and they try to survive.


LIKES: Sophie says the darndest of things. Sophie and Martin are walking back home. Martin wants to watch a movie that night. So Sophie says okay, the three of them can watch. (Including Diana). It’s just.. what… is.. wrong with you? Stop scaring your child like that. How is she still the legal guardian?!

Rebecca’s boyfriend is such a good man, it surprises me. He got out of the house and I swear to god I thought he was going to leave all the batshitcrazy shit behind him and GTFO of that country. But damn, the guy came back. He came back!!!! True love.


DISLIKES: Diana like all scary things does redundant stuff. The family like all families in horror movies does stupid stuff. Like… WHY ON EARTH ARE THEY GOING BACK TO THE SAME HOUSE DIANA’S KNOWN TO BE AT?! Diana even paid Rebecca a visit to Rebecca’s house to kill her. Diana failed. INSTEAD OF MOVING HER ASS OUT OF THERE, THIS REBECCA GOES BACK TO HER PLACE. WHAT???! GO FIND A WITCH DOCTOR OR SOMETHING?!

The movie has a happy ending. I put this under ‘dislike’ only because I believe horror movies shouldn’t have a happy ending. LOL. But I’m glad it has… it makes sleeping at night easier.



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