Dear Zindagi (HINDHI)

This was a good treat.

Khaira (played by Alia) is a hard to like character but the audience is made to feel that there’s more to her devil-may-care attitude and we’re locked in to find out more.

Shah Rukh Khan …..


… is a treat by himself.


PLOT: Khaira, a cinematographer, has a problem with maintaining romantic relationships, so she goes to see ‘Jug’ alias Jehangir Singh, a mind doctor. So as she converses with Jug, we get to find out more about her. And she really is endearing despite her flaws.

LIKES: The movie has a good hook. The audience, or at least I am really invested in the story. Because I’m convinced Khaira’s not a bad human even when she makes a lot of ‘what-the-fcuk-are-you-doing’ decisions. And I really want to know what her reasons for those shit decisions are. I really want to get to know Khaira. And then the movie delivers. Her confession was a heart rendering scene.

I love the relationship between Khaira and Jug. I like what happens to their relationship.

I LOVE THE SONGS. Don’t even get me started on the songs. They’re so good. They really set the mood for the movie.

The cinematography is really good. The bright settings make the movie uplifting and light. Don’t get me wrong, as deep as the movie is, it’s re-energizing, it doesn’t weigh you down.

PET PEEVES: Personally think she got over her issues too fast. After she chose to accept what happened to her growing up, she got over it a tad too fast. Acceptance is one thing, but letting go is a different thing. And that takes a little more time. But other than that (y).

At the end, we’re shown a short film that Khaira filmed, and in all honesty… I didn’t like that short film. LOL.

I actually would have liked if this movie was some sort of coming-of-age kind of movie with a younger female lead. But I get the point of the movie, troubles of your childhood can affect you way into adulthood.

And I understand the movie’s about Khaira but daang do I want to get to know all the other characters in her life – Sid, Raguvendra, Jug. (Okay I want to get to know all the male characters in her life)

All in all,


I love this movie, made me tear. And it resonates with me. I think it will resonate with majority of the people. Not many have had a perfect childhood. Many a times, our parents might have screwed up somewhere. Many a times, our parents might have said the wrong things, done the wrong things. And these things might have just stuck with us, children.

It happens.
And I guess this movie tells you how to forgive your parents for it. Or for that matter, how to forgive anyone that does you wrong.


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