Mslexia Women’s Short Fiction Competition 2017

Intending to take part in this competition organised by Mslexia a UK magazine company that publishes a magazine four times a year. I’ve read snippets of the winning short stories and I’m not going to lie, I am intimidated. The type of stories I write although are fictitious, they are very realistic. That’s the kind of story I like anyway. I like stories that blend reality with fiction so well it makes you question your reality as of now. There are many good futuristic stories that although might be true in the future might not have much impact on my reality right now. Those stories are not really my cup of tea. But they are really good stories because writers use the unpredictability and the unknown to their advantage to create a whole new world set in the future. I don’t know when I’ll delve into that kind of writing because I’m more of a here and now person. I am limiting myself. But I find that there’s so much things to discuss about here and now. Hmm.

I already have a story in mind. Asked Huq, my friend, about it. He says it’s a good story but it must be well written to have an impact.

And I’m kinda struggling with it.


The dialogue. Ugh.

The title of my short story is


It means ‘success’ in German. Why German? It has something to do with the story. I want the main take away from my story to be the fact that success isn’t really what you expect it to be. It comes in forms you least expect but that doesn’t mean it isn’t success. I’ll probably publish it once I’ve submitted the story online. But first, I need to finish the story.

///update: I changed Erfolg to The Stage. Along with that change, there were other changes to the story. Oops.

Here it is: The Stage

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