Getting rejected

I’ve had a few rejections so far for The FYP. I mean there could be more but the other publishing companies I contacted said they’ll only get back to me in four to six months. But for now… I’ve been rejected:

Twice by publishers. – One of them was kind enough to get back to me, the other had stated that if they don’t reply within 30 days, to assume that the work has been rejected, they didn’t reply.

I believe I’ve also been rejected by two other publishers? They stated if they don’t reply within 30 days, I can query them again regarding the novel’s status. And so I have queried them again. But genius me, queried in an awful way. I questioned them regarding the status of the book because I’ve since made minor edits to the novel and I could send to them the edited one if they were keen.

Then after hitting the ‘send’ button on my outlook. I realised… why would anyone care about MINOR edits?!?!


Good luck to me. How am I a functional adult?

I have also been rejected:

Four times by agents. – I had sent them the first five pages of The FYP which was solely the prologue along with my blurb, which by now, seems to have been a bad idea. The prologue is a conversation between two characters that are unmentioned in the blurb. Why did I do that? I mean, they asked for the first five pages… I should have just sent five pages from chapter one. Ugh. Anyway, one of the agents said, my main character sounds weak. This did, more than slightly, irk me. You haven’t even read my main character yet!


But I think the agent was referring to the way I described my main character in my blurb. So I went to take a look at my blurb. Well, the agent might have been right. I’ve decided to change the blurb a little.

But anyway, the rejections have been hard. With every rejection, self doubt only increases. And it’s evident because I start wanting to make edits to my story. I mean that’s what you do, right? You blame yourself for not being good enough and you search for things you can change so that you’ll one day be accepted. With my last post, I said I was thinking about doing a developmental edit.

I had asked my trusted buddy May Anne for her opinion.

“Before you make any changes ask yourself if you’re changing it because you really feel like the story will improve tremendously or if you’re just anxious and want to keep picking at it.”

She’s right, you know.

Will the story improve tremendously? That’s the question. So I went to the drawing board to see how the change will affect the story. And I realised, sure the change will make my story fit the genre of Romantic Suspense even more, but it isn’t true to my characters. It isn’t what they would do. Ultimately, it isn’t the story I want to tell.

Changes =/= Improvement.

So I’ve decided against that particular edit.


My story is good. I have that much faith. Good enough for publishers? Nonetheless, this is the story I want to share with the world.

The FYP, when will you see daylight?

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