Kaatru Veliyidai (TAMIL)

I read a review for this movie before watching it so it had already set the mood for me. First thing’s first, the trailer. It starts off giving you vibes that the hero, VC, is your normal romantic boyfriend material kind of guy. By the end of the trailer you get a glimpse of how overbearing his love is. But the trailer doesn’t set you up for the misogyny that the movie portrays.

PLOT: We got an airforce officer, VC, and a doctor, Leela, who are in love but their relationship has issues and I guess in a bid to make things more exciting our VC gets caught in enemy territory, so he’s trying to escape to make his way back to Leela.


The movie starts off with VC getting caught in enemy territory and then VC starts narrating. It’s going to be a flashback movie. And the movie is trying to keep you interested to stay for what happens after the flashback sequence because you know he’s caught in enemy territory. But, see, at this point, I couldn’t actually give a shit if you’re caught in enemy territory or not. And I mean, it’s not even that good of a hook. I know you’re not going to die…. I know you’ll make it out. Meh.

Anyway. Fast forward to flashback. This flashback is very slow running, so I did kind of fast forward my way through. But the movie wastes no time in telling us VC is a playboy douchebag. His introduction is him flirtatiously asking a girl to sleep with him in broad daylight in the car while they’re driving. Anyway, the hero and heroine first meet at the hospital where VC requires treatment and Leela ends up being the one to treat him. First of all, this guy comes in after being in a car accident (right after he asked some girl for sex), and this guy has lost a lot of blood, has a concussion and all this other BS. But this nugget leaves the hospital the very next morning, cause apparently he’s fine.


But anyway, dude’s fine during the dating phase. I mean he pulls out all the romantic stunts and reels Leela in before she finds out the craziness. The first red flag in his behaviour – him going away on a three month camp without even telling her. Why? She had to go find out why he’s missing. And then he’s so happy that she’d decided to pay him a visit two months in?


HERE’S THE THING THAT ANNOYS ME THOUGH. Even Leela freaking realises that this guy is kinda just toying with her. Because he says that, in the two months he’s been here, her coming to visit has been the best moment. And she goes, I know you’re lying but it’s still nice to hear.


Anyway, he brings her out to some snowy mountains. And she wants to stay but he’s rushing her to leave because there’s a going to be a snow storm. And they fight because she wants to stay and he scolds her and threatens to hit her if she doesn’t follow him back. And I’m like… Hm… he’s kinda stopping her from dying.. So I can’t really say he’s being a douchebag at this point. But Leela brings up a valid point: he could have told her nicely instead of scolding and threatening to hit her.

I’ve got another pet peeve though. Character development for Leela was not so well done. They just let her innocent looking face do the talking. So you feel sad for her. But then you realise, she’s actually a very strong, resilient char, but she’s also very sweet and a little stupid. Like I mean, apparently, her brother used to be in the air force with VC until he died in an accident or something. Her brother actually mentioned VC to her in letters while she was still schooling. That means Leela already knows from the very beginning this guy is a funny fellow and that she might want to keep her distance. But does she? No. Very good.


Leela turns out to be a very conflicting char but okay her char seems very realistic, giving VC chances despite the BS he does. But at some point, she’s just encouraging his BS. He humiliates her in front of his friends. Sidetrack a little: none of his friends have the balls to call him out on his shitty behaviour. They just watch her getting scolded at. Like seriously?


But I cannot stand the fact that he acts so lovey dovey in front of the friends. Ermagherd.

Showing care and concern for your significant other in the presence of others? Okay, by all means, please do so.

Showing intimate acts of love, like caressing each other, getting hot and heavy?


So anyway, it annoys Leela too that he acts all lovey dovey and then scolds her as well. And he says sexist remarks as well. So Leela’s really offended. Good. She leaves him. Very good.

He goes to find her and apologises. AND she gives in. WHY?!

He brings her back to his friends and boasts how they were wrong, that she loves him and will come to him whenever he asks. The only saving grace of this scene… is that the friends don’t give a fcuk. They just stand there like …

Anyway, more BS happens, like you know, he forgets they had planned to register their marriage. They break up, like finally. He goes to fight for his country and that’s when he gets caught. In between the movie, we are brought back to the present with scenes of him planning a prison break. I skimmed through this part. I don’t feel anything for his prison break.

Anyway, at the end he manages to escape and he finds Leela. And for the first time he actually apologises while feeling remorseful for his behaviour when they were together. His time in enemy prison, I guess, made him reflect? But well, you can actually feel the difference in his ‘sorry’. All this while, his apologies were to appease her. But this one was genuine. Very good. Then, we see a child calling Leela mum. Damn I was happy for a second thinking she married someone else. But then I realised no, this movie isn’t going to go that way. And it didn’t. The child was VC’s as well. URGH. I mean sure he’s remorseful and maybe for the first time he deserves a second chance but seriously? This fast? Please, man. Don’t promote such instant gratification. Of course, someone might argue the fellow struggled his way out of prison, putting his life on the line to escape and apologise to her so his char needs a happy ending but *rolls eyes*. It would have been a better ending if Leela was married to someone else who she has a kid with, and VC actually being happy for her. Now, that’s a true test of his self reflection. Something like the ending of Thozha where the paraplegic guy is glad to see his ex GF married happily to another guy.

Anyway, some other things. They should have utilised RJ Balaji (his char name’s Illayas) more. Are you kidding me? I was so happy to see him in the beginning of the movie and then he never came back to do anything. But the few times he was on screen, he provided the much needed comedic relief, even if it was for a fleeting moment. I mean it makes sense why VC doesn’t hang out with him more often. Illayas calls out on VC’s shitbaggery.

The cinematography was fine. The songs were really catchy and good. But here’s the thing I’m starting to see with tamil songs. We have a lot of double meaning songs since the beginning of time. We Indians tend not to be straight up in your face about sex. We always speak in euphemisms. But nowadays, these double meaning songs, they don’t even try to be inconspicuous anymore. And I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. Because.. it’s like the song doesn’t tally with the cinematography. If you’re going to go with filming erotic scenes with these double meaning songs, I can understand. But if you’re superimposing scenes that are more innocent on double meaning songs, it just ends up conveying that love is all about sex.

All in all, this movie.. was..



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