Book cover considerations

In the event that I decide to self publish, I realise I’m gonna need a book cover. So today I was on the internet wondering how I should go about it.

Should I design my own?


So I was looking through the internet and found that there was a site that had pre-made book covers that would be taken off the site once someone buys it. Did I buy one? No. The pre-made book covers rely on themes. And my book, your book, might not fit the theme they make book covers for.

How about finding designers? Sure, I tried. I was looking at portfolios and I hit a wall when I realised designers who make books covers that entice me, only means they’ll make me a book cover that appeals to me, but that doesn’t mean, that book cover will sell with my target audience. And isn’t that what’s most important?

I’m a messy minimalist. And I like minimalistic covers with a side of chaos. Would I like that kind of cover for The FYP? Not really, no. It can’t be minimalistic. I want the cover to hint at the story. I need the cover itself to be a hook.

With that comes the advice to look into different covers of published books that fit the genre of your story for inspiration. To find out what sells, look at what’s selling.

There are other considerations when deciding on a book cover. Self published authors speak about the colour combinations, the effectiveness of the cover when shrunk to thumbnail size etc. In addition, I’d like to include the fonts used. Font matters not just cause of whether it can be read when your book cover is shrunk to thumbnail size but also because the font sets the tone for the book. The font for the title, the reviews, the blurb, for your god given name. It matters.

How about objects? There’s an idea to use recurring images or important symbols in your story on the book cover. Personally, I think that’s a good idea. But what happens when you have multiple important symbols? A cluttered mess? How much is too much? All that matters is how things are arranged. Controlled chaos is poetic.

The spine is just as important. Bookstores tend to shelf their books such that the first thing the reader sees is the spine of the book. So you gotta make that shit stand out. And it has to be consistent with the rest of the cover.

Gd luck.

//I had an idea for the book cover for The FYP. But now I’m not too sure :/

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