Line editing

& things I never realised part I.

You know how there are a list of words out on the internet that writers are warned that we overuse them? Here’s my list of words:

  • all. I never realised I used it this often. I go ‘what’s all this?’ when I could have just said ‘what’s this’. Is this why my manuscript is 94500 words long?
  • like. This I knew I used a little too much. But like.. you know.. meh?
  • almost. And it’s almost always followed by ‘as if’.
  • a little. Although I’d like to speak up for myself for this. It is my opinion that there is a difference between saying ‘he was a little confused.’ vs ‘he was confused.’  To me, ‘a little’ translates to the fact that whatever is happening goes against what you think should happen. To be totally one emotion, in this case ‘confused’, it would mean you have no idea what on earth is happening nor what should happen. You just have no clue.
  • up. This, I honestly thought, was an accurate usage. Shush me up, I’m pumped up, riled up, stands up (the most redundant ‘up’ ever in all the usages of ‘up’, I mean c’mon, the guy’s already standing. And another one, ‘climbs up’) etc.
  • towards. I use this frequently because it not only describes movement but it also indicates direction.
  • ‘I watch’. See, here’s the issue I have with this. The novel is written in my MC’s POV. And my MC… he is relatively passive, and I thought using ‘I watch’ would be a good way to show his passiveness. But I was so stupid. Everything that he describes in the novel, is something he watches. WHY WOULD ANY SANE WRITER STILL USE ‘I WATCH’? Ugh.

I’ve so far completed line editing the first two chapters for the nth time. 15 204/94 222 words. (It was initially 15 377 long. Ooh) I wonder what other words will be added to the list as I edit the rest of the chapters. But…


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