Line editing

& things I never realised part II.

Here is another list of stupid things I write:

  • nod my head. Because apparently you can nod other parts of your body, smh.
  • make my way. This one… I have nothing to say. I simply use this too often because I didn’t want to use ‘go’,walk too often.
  • down/up. This has got to do with my inexplicable love for staircases. Things are always happening on the staircase. I have nothing to say. I’m just as curious as to why I do this. I like having people come down and go up the staircase. And I find it so important to mention my characters going up and down the staircase. Why? God knows.
  • down to the ground/feet. Because the ground/feet could be up in the sky.
  • “/’Squiggly vs straight quote marks. This is an issue for my OCD self. Like why is it straight? Why? I don’t get it. For what purpose do we have straight quote marks for???


33 483/93 835 words done editing.

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