Badrinath Ki Dulhania (HINDHI)


Alia and Varun are my favourite on screen pair. So seeing them together in another movie? Yay!

I’ll start with the rating.


PLOT: It’s about woman empowerment. In a society where women’s only role is to get married by offering dowry, we have Vaidehi (played by Alia) who wants to earn money and help out with her family. Then we also have Badri (played by Varun) who’s only used to seeing women being in the kitchen because his family encourages it. Will the two fall in love? Will the two get married?

In more detail, Badri falls for Vaidehi. He wants to marry her. Vaidehi obviously doesn’t want to. She doesn’t want a life in the kitchen. But Vaidehi’s parents are forcing her to marry Badri because Vaidehi has another sister they have to get married off. So Vaidehi kinda agrees to the marriage but as a condition requires Badri to find her sister a groom. He does. The marriage date is fixed and both sisters are supposed to get married on the same day….. Until Vaidehi runs away for a job.

Vaidehi’s parents are upset, as expected. And my feelings for her start to change…. Because before Vaidehi ran away, her strong feelings of being independent was actually endearing. It made me want to root for her. After running away at such a crucial moment where it’s really “you threw your entire family for your own selfish ways” I kinda start finding it hard to like Vaidehi. I mean, sure it’s your life… But. You could have ruined your sister’s wedding. You betrayed your parents. You betrayed Badri and his family. And how about the hundreds of people that came for your wedding. Massive humiliation. So do I think she did the right thing? It’s hard to say. Because, she did try fighting for her rights. She tried to convince her parents to let her be, but no one ever listened. So in a way, she was backed into a corner and for someone who really didn’t want to get married, I guess running away was the most sensible thing. 😦

But anyway, Badri’s dad sends Badri on a mission to find Vaidehi and bring her to him, to kill her.

Badri goes to find her. But he can’t hurt her, cause he’s too in love with her. Badri argues and fights with her, but in the end he understands that Vaidehi has done the right thing for herself. She would have never been happy in his household. He begins to believe women should be allowed to achieve more than just being a housewife.

At the end, he speaks up for her against his dad.



There’s nothing I don’t like about this movie. The acting, the cinematography, the songs, everything is fine. The only thing I have an issue with, is with the plausibility. Badri is not as chauvinistic nor as misogynistic as he should be. I can understand his brother isn’t because he went into tertiary education where he met females that were as or more capable than him, but Badri… has no reason to respect women given his upbringing. He stopped schooling halfway and runs his father’s moneylending business. By right, he should not know the way to love a woman. I’m very confused by his ability to respect a lady. At his first encounter with Vaidehi, he tells her GTFO when the dowry is being exchanged at a wedding of a mutual acquaintance. Vaidehi is just like, I’m here to invite you for the dinner, IDGAF about the dowry the bride and groom’s family agreed to exchange. So Badri falls for her then. Understandable, since she didn’t come into contest with his ideologies. But when he chases after her, she turns down his advances, quite savagely… but this does not anger him. Why doesn’t it? He’s relatively meek. Meeker than when he said GTFO. You’re telling me love made him go soft? Urmm… I can’t… Hmm… Because if you’re a misogynistic douchebag.. shouldn’t your idea of love be already be warped?

The second half makes up for it somehow. Because he is angry at her (since she ran away). He’s more ruthless (relatively). But he’s still very likeable.

That’s the issue I have with this movie. The douchebag isn’t douchebag enough.

But I guess they wanted the movie to be lighthearted. You make Badri any more of a douchebag, you have an emotional, dark story. Someone might die. But I find that would be more realistic anyway.

All in all, 3/5. Nice to watch. It sends a good message.

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