Line editing

And things I never realised part III. 
I’m using this program, it’s called ProWriting Aid. I’m currently using the 14 day free trial to help with my line edits. I have to say it’s a very good program, save for some issues.

Here’s how it works:

You copy paste your chunk of text and run the different categories of checks on the doc. You have the following checks available:

  • style
  • diction (use of adverbs)
  • overused words
  • readability
  • grammer
  • sentence length
  • ‘stickies’ (checks for iffy sounding sentences)
  • pace
  • consistency (quotation marks)

Overall, it’s a very easy to use app. It highlights the areas of concern, but you may choose not to make the edits it suggests because sometimes you just require the adverbs, you require the telling and not the showing. I would advise,  as many people do, not to use it as you write. Because when you’re writing you might want to give yourself more freedom of expression so as to ensure that the scene you’re creating is true to what you have imagined.

But the program isn’t perfect.

Issues I see:

  • Under the trial version, there are supposedly no word limits for the doc you scan. But I think it’s because I’ve formatted my manuscript, when I copy and paste, the checks don’t show. I have to copy paste chapter by chapter and check each chapter. Not really a problem for me, because instead of seeing your entire document light up for the various errors, seeing just bits and pieces here and there is encouraging.
  • So apparently, I’ve skipped out on full stops, and this program can’t pick it up. Fortunately, there’s the sentence length category which allows me to check on unusually long sentences.
  • The program can’t actually read error’s in writing.. For example I had a sentence that went something like, ‘she got back go to the pharmacy’. The sentence didn’t ping. So I guess, the program doesn’t check sentence structure.

But anyway, I am still thinking of buying the lifetime package. 140 USD. For unlimited number of docs.

101 more pages of editing to go.


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