When I first started out writing, I bought this program. It was really good I have to say. I enjoyed using this program. It had calming music and the typewriter tones were addictive. I really enjoyed it. You can just plugin and you’re set in the mood for writing. It takes away all the distraction.

The issues are:

You can’t work between two .omm files at once. (possibly cause that would be a distraction)

You can’t format.

You have limited fonts/sizes to work with. And it’s a problem if you’re OCD about the chapter names and the fonts for your book. (But the fonts they have seem to suit any genre of novel if you ask me.)

You have limited backgrounds to work with. (This is my pet peeve.)

Other than that Ommwriter is good, although I eventually switched to Words because I just needed the formatting to see how many pages I was getting into. I think I might go back to Ommwriter to kickstart my next project.


Check out Ommwriter here.