Life and… Pokémon?

When the first generations of the Pokémon Gameboy game came out, it was about walking around the towns and suddenly bumping into a Pokémon. Then you’d have a choice to either fight the Pokémon or flee from the battle. Life’s like that too.

In life, problems are lurking everywhere. Depending on which patch you choose, you face different challenges – different Pokémons. And you can choose to either overcome the challenge or avoid it.

And I think pop culture encourages people to fight through every problem that comes their way. It encourages people to face all their fears.

I’m not suggesting facing your challenges should be discouraged, no.

I’m of the opinion that avoiding a challenge, not facing your fear, is not inherently a bad decision.

On the contrary, I think it’s an important skill to have. What fears are worth facing? Which end of your comfort zone should you explore?  Which issues are worth fighting for? They’re all crucial information. Because if you try to face every fear, fight against everything, the only thing that will happen is that you lose sight of what’s important. Why are you fighting? What is it you’re trying to accomplish in your fight?

“But sometimes you just don’t outgrow the things you fear, and that’s not anybody’s fault…”

– quote from The Final Year Project.

By all means, fight. Push for a good cause. Face your fears. Better yourself. Just remember to choose your battles wisely and fight for what’s important.

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