A mother’s love

Today, I gave my mum a hug. I do this often and especially often whenever I return home from work. I do it because I’ve had a long day of work and my mum’s embrace is just warm. Whatever issues I have at work melts away at my mother’s touch. Her embrace tells me ‘it’s all going to be okay’.

But today, I gave her a hug and she told me she wished her mum was around for her to hug.

A multitude of emotions washed over me. I was glad I had her, but I was sad for her. I told her she had me. But who was I kidding? There’s nothing that comes close to a mother’s love. The only person in the world that will accept you, that will always root for you, is your mother. I couldn’t possibly replace my grandmother. But it was also in that moment where I was once again reminded of the mortality of our human lives.

One day, I will wish for my mum as she had for hers.

Embrace your mum.

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