The Grad Trip – An excerpt

“But life isn’t always about doing things that make you happy, Abhi.”

“Nor is it about doing things that make only you happy, Dad.” She was baffled at her father’s beliefs. Her breathing got heavier and tears streamed down her eyes. She couldn’t stop herself and a part of her didn’t want to. “It’s like, all my life, you’ve tried to teach me how to drive, Dad. But here’s the thing: you don’t stop at telling me to go faster or slower or to check the rear view mirrors, Dad. No, you take it further. You keep your hands on the wheel.”

She walked towards her father bawling her eyes out. “You’re in the driver’s seat of my life, Dad. And you’re bringing me on the road that you want to take. And you haven’t realised the most important thing, Dad. You haven’t thought about the possibility that maybe… Maybe, I don’t want to go where you want to, Dad. I don’t. So don’t tell me you know what’s best for me when you’re just bringing me wherever you want to go.”

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