Today’s progression + book I’m currently reading

Here’s my to do list:

-Test shoot

-finalise items needed for final shoot

-buy finalised items needed for final shoot  (only half because I’m halfway there)

-final shoot

-settle the book cover

—- by end july


Currently reading The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi. I’d say her writing is captivating. The world the author has built is stunning. I could never write the way she does. She gives an exceptional importance to the details and I don’t like writing details neither do I like reading details. I usually skim past the details to get to the plot. But Roshani definitely has a way with words. I enjoy her details. It’s mesmerising. She doesn’t describe things as they are, instead she weaves the details with her character’s perception of them and with the feelings they invoke. It’s good, in my opinion at least.

But the problem is with the story. And I feel this dissatisfaction surfacing. My main issue… is with how the main character Maya is falling for this guy she just got married to when she doesn’t trust him. All she does is try to find answers the husband is keeping from her. And she is very annoyed by the fact that he has no choice but to keep things from her. So because of that she’s trying to outsmart the husband to find her answers. I can understand this.

But in that case, she should be more cunning, shouldn’t she? What I don’t understand is why she falls for the husband instead? Why isn’t she more deceitful? She knows how kingdoms work. She secretly sat in when her dad (who’s King) had meetings with his advisors. She should be smarter. She should be more suspicious of her husband. More curious to find out why. But no, she falls for him? What does she want?  Her husband promised her power. But doesn’t tell her what, where, when, how, why. I don’t know what she’s upset by. Does she want to find out the truth behind her powers or does she want her husband to be with her or does she want to be more powerful when she doesn’t even know her powers? I don’t know what she wants. I don’t know what she’s scared of. I don’t know. I won’t say she’s stupid but… I feel like I don’t understand her enough to know why she does the things she does and this is despite the story being in first person.

Hm… We’ll see how it goes. Halfway through.

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