Meesaiyai Murukku + Vikram Vedha (TAMIL)

I watched these two movies back to back. So I’m going to review/rant both on the same post.

Best 6 hours of my life.


Srsly. My friend, Huq and I we wanted to catch Vikram Vedha first and end off with Meesaiyai Murukku because the trailers seemed like Meesaiyai Murukku (MM) was more lighthearted than Vikram Veda (VV) so we wanted to end the night with MM.

But the stupid show timings!! MM only showed at 3pm. VV at 6pm.

It turned out good.


I’ll try not to spoil anything. HAHHA.

MM was just amazing. Aadhi’s acting was so natural for a singer. The script was amazing. It was hilarious, natural, lighthearted, beautiful, it was everything required for a feel good movie. But I’m really glad I checked out Hip Hop Tamizha before watching this movie. If I’d heard Club le mabbu le first time in the theatre, I would have judged Hip Hop Tamizha so bad. But since I’d heard it prior, the feminist in me wasn’t screaming so much. Muffled screams. But the movie was too short. There could have been more potential for conflicts. Because they introduced many passing characters who could have been villainous but turned out to be just douchebags but not villains.

But I really like the ending. There’s something about the final girlfriend-boyfriend scene. It was done in such a respectful way. The two of them were extremely mature and they treated the other with respect. Something you don’t see in movies often nowadays, nowadays it’s just the blame game and people being selfish. Meh.

Another scene I loved was when Aadhi (the character) was constantly getting bullied by the seniors in college only to fight back in his final year. This is just something personal but there’s something absolutely attractive about a person that is able to do shit but just doesn’t because of valid reasons. This quality is how I based my character Om too. It’s not about capability, it’s never about capability. Everyone can do everything. But why aren’t you? Everyone has their reasons. And Aadhi’s character for not stirring shit when he could and when he had every reason to, just to live a peaceful college life without shit (my guess), is so attractive. #peace.

The third scene I loved is Aadhi’s relationship with his dad. OMG. Can I just, I can’t. It was so cute. Ohmy. I want to be a parent like his dad who has that kind of relationship with his kid. The above scene I described, about him being able to do shit but doesn’t, already proves that Aadhi (the character) is badass. But he doesn’t show that at home, not to his dad. It’s so endearing.

All in all, a very good movie. Might just freaking watch it again.


Okay srsly, this movie is just good. It’s so good. I didn’t know where the story was going but damn did it go places. I can’t spoil this movie. I just can’t. Black, white, grey. There was a time when I thought everything was black and white too. But I grew out of that phase, and especially after joining the Civil Service, trust me, everything is grey.


I don’t know how they did it. The side characters didn’t have much screen time, but I felt a sting almost every time someone died. Okay I kind of know how they did it. The characterization for the main characters Vikram (Madhavan), the police, and Vedha (Vijay Sethubathi), the criminal, was really well done. They were such complex, well rounded characters. Trust me, I can’t think of any other actors that could have pulled them off. So you really fall for these characters because their most basic nature isn’t evil. Vedha might be a criminal but he isn’t inherently a bad guy. So you can’t hate on him. Vikram you might be able to slightly dislike. Because unlike Vedha who’s pretty easygoing, Vikram’s very steadfast, he’s very obstinate, he’s very rigid. So it might irk people but you can’t hate on him too, because he is a good guy all up in your face. And their relationships with the secondary characters, their emotions with regards to the secondary characters is what makes you feel for the secondary characters. And despite the lesser screen time for secondary characters, the story didn’t waste any time to ensure any screen time they had added to their characterization.

I also like the fact that Vikram and Vedha didn’t harp on the deaths of their loved ones. In usual Tamil films, someone dies, their relative cries and goes berserk and is gunning for revenge. This movie skipped the whole emotional drama and got right into the gunning for revenge. Emotions didn’t blind our leads. There was no blind rage. It was all well planned out revenge. Is it realistic? I don’t know. But I loved it.

I loved the bloody script yo. I like how Vedha made Vikram question his notions of right and wrong. I loved that scene. I like the build up to that scene. It was a perfect scene in my opinion. Everything that happened which led to that moment where Vikram is suddenly not so sure what is right and what is wrong, it was perfect. It fell so naturally in place.

But there was one scene I just can’t wrap my head around. How did Vikram find out who killed his informant? Like I mean… I really don’t get that scene. How did he recognise the killer? From the killer’s voice? But Vikram only knows this killer from Vedha’s story telling, right? How could he have heard the killer’s voice from someone else’s flashback. (Of course the obvious is, Vikram has heard the killer’s voice before possibly since he’s been hunting down Vedha’s group for a while, wasn’t really explained tho)

(^^^ I REWATCHED THE MOVIE I FOUND OUT HOW VIKRAM FOUND OUT. The guy spoke in malayalam!!!)

I really love the plot twists tho. Damn.

I got nothing to say man. I’m floored.

Best six hours of my life. 5 stars for both movies.


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