Vicious (V.E. Schwab)

Easiest 5 stars ever.

I can’t even begin to review this book. I’m not even going to put the synopsis of the book up. You just have to know this:

this book has people with superhuman abilities and no good guys

I really like grey characters, especially grey characters who know they are grey. I have a thing for bad guys who know they are bad and are bad for a cause (which is not money). Money is the most retarded cause there is. Don’t be bad for money. Because I don’t know, I really don’t think money feeds the soul. You can have so much money, so many possessions, but really? Is that going to feed your soul? Is that going to make you feel alive? You can have ten cars, and not be able to enjoy each of them to the fullest. That’s the things with options isn’t it? When you have so many options (because you have so much money), how do you know you chose the best option? You’ll always feel less. Don’t be bad for money. I sound like I’m preaching. I digress.


I love honourable villains. Villains with principles. Villains who honour their words, their promises. Villains whom you can trust to be villainous.

I love this book. If you break the story down to it’s bare bones, the plot is actually a simple idea. Maybe even overused. But the execution was phenomenal. The timeline, the way in which it flowed, it really worked for me. It reminded me of the Tamil movie Ai – similarly had a very simple underlying plot, but was amazing. All in all this book…


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