I went into this movie not expecting to like it. VIP 1 was an amazing movie for it’s simplicity yet elegance. It had a good plot, a heartwarming life story, a coming-together-of-people-for-a-cause and I loved it. Then I saw the trailer for VIP 2.

I was bothered. It seemed like it’s going to be just like VIP.

Boy was I wrong.

VIP 2, I won’t say was better than VIP 1 but, it was good.

I still don’t get why someone of expertise and status of Vasundhara (Kajol) will make it her life goal to ruin someone else. That’s most of my issues. I could understand why Amul Baby in VIP 1 did so. He was young and ridic. But meh, I guess, that’s an important part of the story. Without that, this movie would not have happened.

The ending was ridiculous but I didn’t hate it. It seemed fitting for very weird reasons.

It’s a heartwarming story about people supporting each other. It’s a story where people aren’t just chasing money, status and fame. It’s a story about having people shit on you, but still coming up on top. (Although I think, Raghu (Dhanush) went a little overboard to come up on top. But meh, I still liked the story; can’t say the same for the songs)

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