The Hate U Give (Angie Thomas)


I was quite excited to get this book. It was raved so much and I loved the cover a lot. And when I started reading it I liked it. I liked it a lot. I liked Starr, our Main Character (MC). I liked her culture that she was confused about whether she liked it or not. I liked it cause it was interesting to read. She was obviously living it. But anyway, it was an interesting start. Things got crazy and someone died.

Hooked at this point.

And then…

and then… it’s just downhill from there.

I started to find Starr… a little annoying. The book is written in her view. All the more… I’m annoyed. But anyway, the plot moved on very slowly after the death. Very slowly. Nothing else impactful happens. Just more characters being introduced. More information on characters. I was not hooked anymore.

I’m a plot driven reader/author. :/

2/5 – because the topic is important.


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