Magalir Mattum (TAMIL)

I dig this movie.

All these good movies coming out and I’m losing my touch at ranting.


I like the opening. C’mon there’s something charming about characters that bend the rules, especially over the top ridiculous rules. So when they start the movie with a flashback scene of three girls sneaking out of school to go catch a movie… I’m hooked.

The plot is this: these three girls (Koma, Rani, Subbu) lose each other’s contacts for 35 years. At present, Koma’s future daughter-in-law, Prabha, a documentary director and a feminist, brings the three women together. The story sheds light on how much crap the three women have to deal with on a daily basis after their marriage. Prabha also brings them out on a 3-day trip for them to have at least three days without their torturous daily ordeal. It’s a success… but more so, because these three days don’t just give them a break, they give them a second chance at taking control of their lives.

Good plot. I like it.

I especially love the flashback scenes of the three young girls. I loved watching them breaking the norm, forging a world for themselves, being there for each other, being kids with no inhibitions.

Makes you wonder what the fcuk went wrong in their lives when you see them end up having to live such subjugated lives. Like where did that fire go? Why? :/



The next best part of the movie was that it was able to change the mindset of Rani’s family. It was smart. Rani’s husband and eldest son are male chauvinistic pigs. The way they changed the son’s mindset was really smart and actually quite plausible. Claps for that. It’s also a smart route to take. The story didn’t touch the husband – much. Because he’s an old asshat that probably will not change at all. (Not saying that just because people are obstinate about their old shitty values, they shouldn’t be made to change) Just saying that the one with the power in the house after the husband, is the son. And the plausibility of the son changing is higher than the dad and the impact of the son’s change will have a bigger ripple effect. So, very good.

There was an interesting subplot they kinda left halfway doe. Cause Prabha does this service of getting couples who elope, married. And there was this subplot of families of those elope-ees going after her. But it didn’t happen. It seemed interesting at that point, but in retrospect… it seems unnecessary.  It doesn’t take this subplot to find out how much of a badass she is. So… meh.

I really dig the flashback sequence though. There was something so genuine about the characters when they met after so long. I miss school.

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