Thupparivaallan (TAMIL)



This was one dark ass thriller movie.  I like it. I like it so much I watched it twice in two days. IMO, the casting was good. The way in which the movie flowed was good. And THERE WAS NO SONG. Okay there was one. And it was hella funny. HAHAH. But other than that there was no other song. The movie itself… it seemed slow but there was so much information to process at every scene so your mind is kept active.


The story’s about this detective, Kaniyan (Vishal), who wants a case to solve badly as he’s scared his skills will go to waste. While he’s brooding over the lack of cases, this kid comes along and asks Kaniyan if he can help find out who killed his dog in exchange for 837 INR. The kid also produces a deformed bullet that he had found in his dog’s body.

It’s at this point you know shit’s about to go down.

And the shit that goes down for 837 INR is just… damn.

Hahaha but it’s obviously not about the money. You don’t get bullet wounds everyday. So Kaniyan takes up the case. He and his trusted sidekick, Manohar (Prasanna), try to solve the case together. And it’s pretty plausible the way they go from one clue to the next. But there was one long shot that I don’t know how I feel about… (That long shot that Kaniyan proposed was too crucial for the plot) But anyway the guys find out there’s a hitman group behind the killing of the dog. (The dog was not the initial target doe)

But there’s something about this hitman group that’s just not right. And I mean, sure they are villainous and dark but they’re also quite dumb. They’re very emotional at odd timings or at least the hitman group leader, Devil (Vinay), is. For a psychopath, he devolved at a rapid pace. He didn’t clean up his crime scenes well. He made it relatively easy to get caught. I actually don’t know if he was a psychopath… He wasn’t killing for sport. And he’s not that smart too, like he depended on the Uncle for advice. Sure, the murders he committed were gruesome and showed lack of remorse, but… he’s not smart. HE’S NOT. And let’s face it, they made his character too spooky on purpose. A psychopath is glib, not spooky. A psychopath is natural when conversing to people like how Kaniyan and Manohar fools people with fake names (they do this when they introduce themselves to people). But he was too spooky. People will feel something’s off about this guy. And he’s just not smart. Is he manipulative? Not really. The girl is, Pritha, played by Andrea. Pritha’s part of the hitman group. She’s manipulative, cunning and deranged.  And I like her. My main problem is how Devil was so caught up about getting caught. Like, bitch. No. You don’t worry about getting caught. You plan not to get caught. That’s a true psychopath. Devil’s character was off. Like I’m not particularly scared of Devil. I can’t even hate him cause he’s not smart. Bleah.

Another thing I did not particularly like was the long and unending fight scenes. All the fight scenes were so long and unnecessary.

But fcuk it. The movie was dark. The murder scenes were creative. Hella creative.

There was a romance brewing for Kaniyan too, with a girl, Mallika (Anu), who pickpockets Manohar. That pickpocket scene – if it was an original idea – was awesome. I was floored. The romance line was okay. I could deal with it. It was quite sweet in a way too.

Might I add, Kaniyan is socially awkward. Maybe even autistic on the high functioning end of the spectrum. He was a nice character to watch.

I really liked the fake names that the pair of detectives used as and when they needed to introduce themselves to people. It was smart and ridiculously hilarious. Like Tamizhvaanan (an indian author) and Shankarlal (the name of a detective character in a novel by the author). It was just funny details.


Watch it for Kaniyan. I couldn’t expect what kind of shit he’d get up to. He was an unpredictable character and a genuine joy to watch.

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