Hara Hara Mahadevaki (TAMIL)

Was upsetting.

I really like Gautham Karthik but damn this movie was just … and it’s not even because of the supposed adult comedy. The adult comedy was the only thing that made the story bearable.


But I am slightly biased. I do not like stories where we follow different characters and different plots which converge at the end. I didn’t know this movie was going to be that kind of movie. There were too many diverging subplots that arrived out of nowhere, which is why I don’t like these type of movies. Like the cut to different storylines were so forced and for like the entire scene I’m there wondering how is this guy related to the first guy until I realise ‘oh he’s on his own’.

The beginning of the movie was fine. And then it got so predictable plot-wise.

There’s a bomb yo. Why do converging storylines always have a freaking bomb or something like that? Vaanam had some kind of terrorist shoot-out. Tamizhuku en Ondrai azhuthavum had a bomb. Although Tamizhuku en Ondrai azhuthavum was good. I thoroughly enjoyed that movie. The other converging storyline movie was Thodari with a train crash – this one was also very good.

But anyway back to the movie I was rambling about. I lost interest very quick. Because the main issue is the bag the bomb was placed in. Almost everyone else in the country owns the same type of bag and decides to use it that day. So the entire plot is about people switching bags and the supposed hilarity that follows as a result.


I just cannot stand that the converging event for the various plots was a damn bag.

But okay, the movie was funny at times. I really liked Gautham Karthik and Sathish comedy combo.

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