Daytime Shooting Star + Peach Girl (JAPANESE)

Okay I just watched these two Japanese movies today. And I can’t say the best thing about the movie without saying the spoiler. Like I really wish we had these kinds of movies more. So…



I mean fcukyea. I’m sick of all the main leads always being the one the girl chooses. Like seriously, sometimes the second leads are much more decent but they don’t get the girl just because they’re the second leads or because the story shoves them a non-character-like trait which makes them less worthy than the main lead in some way, like being overly possessive out of nowhere, or because the GIRL CAN’T GET OVER THE LEAD GUY, which is my most hated reasoning. Roll my eyes. Because sometimes second leads ARE better than the leads, but then when the second lead and the girl converse in the climax of the show, she gives excuses for the main lead’s shitty actions/behaviours.


Your second lead has issues too, but he was a good man nonetheless. So you just dumb.

Sometimes I’m okay if second leads do not get the girl. Some shows do it well. Like Goong (Korean Drama). Like I mean, I really felt bad that the second lead had his heart broken – I cry my eyes out everytime -but that was understandable.

Another show that did it well was Discovery Of Love, also Korean drama. Both the first lead and second lead were so comparable, their backstories were so well-thought, their intentions and their behaviour and the way they faced setbacks were so chivalrous that I honestly didn’t know who I wanted the girl to end up with.

But sometimes when the second lead doesn’t get the girl, I’m unhappy not because he deserved her, but because the movie made it seem like he didn’t. I dislike It Started with a Kiss/Playful Kiss/Itazura na Kiss – they’re all regional remakes of the same show-, Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers – although I own both Korean and Japanese versions in DVD, it was a phase. The second leads were better than the leads, but somehow the only reason they felt like they didn’t deserve the girl was because the girl liked the first lead (and other reasons) so they gave in. But the first lead is a douchebag and somehow tthe second leads didn’t consider that. Sometimes I’m more annoyed with the way the movie makes the girl stupid. Boys over flowers, I can still understand that the girl was never her truest self in front of the second lead. She was always trying to be a little more eloquent in front of him. So her choosing to be with the first lead whom she had no inhibitions with makes sense. BUT PLAYFUL KISS? THE EXACT OPPOSITE. She pushes away someone she’s so natural with for someone that makes her feel bad about herself.


But whatever, second leads must rise to power. Their potential must be shown. And these two Japanese movies, Daytime Shooting Star and Peach Girl do just that. And my oh my, when you have such strong, good lead and second leads, I really don’t know who I want the girl to end up with. It’s not about who the girl ends up with that makes the story good, it’s why. What are the defining qualities of the person she chooses and ultimately what does that say of her?

Daytime Shooting Star is a story whereby the girl, Suzume, actually begins to like her teacher, Shishio, who might harbor similar feelings. At the same time, her classmate, Mamura, begins to show interest in her too.

At this point, it’s really hard to figure out who the main and second lead is. But anyway this movie transcends just the romance aspect.

Mamura is shy and slightly introverted and doesn’t talk to girls. Suzume, who transfers to  his school, is the one that talks to him first. And the class is confounded at why he’s talking to a girl. And there’s another girl in the class, Yuyuka, who likes Mamura and seeing that Suzume and Mamura are close, she decides to befriend Suzume to get closer to Mamura. And shit goes down when she becomes jealous of Suzume and Mamura’s interactions. But UNLIKE NORMAL MOVIES WHERE Yuyuka will make use of Suzume and hurt her and the whole show runs on the jealousy, this movie cut out that whole bullshit fast.

Yuyuka does hurt Suzume. But damn do they get over it in the most natural way ever. Like I did not see that friendship coming. And the friendship blossoms because Yuyuka believes Suzume doesn’t like Mamura. Yuyuka believes Suzume likes Shishio and… the story moves over to the forbidden relationship. But Shishio being her teacher, decides to do the moral thing and steps back. She’s heartbroken. Mamura doesn’t necessarily fill her void, but he’s there for her.

And so what happens to Yuyuka and Suzume’s friendship when Yuyuka realises Mamura likes Suzume?

Shit, I really love what happens to their friendship. It’s super natural. The betrayal, the repercussions. It was well done.

But anyway, Suzume gives Mamura a shot. And they have a nice relationship, somewhat. It’s a nice relationship.

And guess who decides to return.

The fcuking teacher.

Hohoho. Douchebag. Does Suzume waver? Hmm. This movie is very good.

Because the second lead, Mamura, decides to give in BUT THE GIRL COMES BACK TO HIM INSTEAD OF GOING FOR THE MAIN.

And it’s not just because she chose the second lead, it’s because of how she thought through everything that happened, how she didn’t mistake ‘love’ for ‘a racing heart’. Because emotions are important. How someone makes you feel when you’re around them is important. But you have to also think how much of your emotions are reliable and how much is just in the moment. Because she didn’t actually know much about the teacher and his life. The teacher wasn’t there for her most of her high school life and neither was she there for the teacher. Someone from the past doesn’t get to come back in your life and get a second chance just because they want one, especially not when you’re in a happy relationship with another person. Fcuking selfish teacher.


This movie didn’t waste time. I’m not even joking. (Highschool movie bytheway)

Momo, this tanned, slightly tomboyish, dyed hair girl, is kind of the talk of the school. Cause she’s more tanned than most and people think she’s a wild girl. Anyway, Momo has a bitchy but popular friend who is also a model, Sae. But Sae bitches behind Momo’s back and lies to her face. It’s all up in everyone’s faces that Sae is a bit evil. Whatever Momo likes, Sae wants to have. And  Momo likes the main lead, Toji, who kinda likes her too. There’s another student, Kairi, who likes Momo. So anyway, Momo and Toji argue, beacuse of something Sae schemed. And right in the same scene, Kairi, reveals the truth and Momo and Toji make up.

I was very surprised at the speediness. You know some movies let the misunderstanding run the whole damn show and you’re just there like waiting for the truth to come out so that everything gets settled. Well this movie… the truth comes out and nothing gets settled. Because Sae is unstoppable, she schemes again. This scheme involves getting Momo sedated and on the bed in a hotel room in the presence of another guy. Sae brings Toji to the scene and dun dun dun dun… But the next day, Kairi is able to get Sae to tell him it was all her doing, while Momo and Toji listen in secret. Very good.

But it’s not.

Somehow Toji goes full douchebag mode and tells Momo that she can’t actually prove that nothing happened between her and the random guy that night.

And I’m there like… wow. What a fcuker. Like ??? Are you serious? Roll my goddamn eyes. And then he even goes dating with Sae?? Like hello? Why? I don’t????? It doesn’t matter what happened or didn’t happen that night, the fact is Sae was the reason for it and you’re out fraternizing with this piece of an excuse of a human???? The only reasoning I could give this was maybe because Toji is somewhat ashamed of Momo and her untrue reputation in the school while Sae is this popular trash.

But anyway, guess who’s there for Momo. Kairi. And shoutout to Kairi. Instead of surfing on the waves Sae created, he outwitted Sae even when it would mean losing Momo to Toji.

He’s a real good friend. And he and Momo become something more. They’re there for each other. And their relationship is the cutest. Kairi is not your alpha male. Kairi is the cute kind of guy. The ‘might-look-weak’, always smiling, happy guy. Not the cool guy. And he and Momo are just the cutest couple ever.

Until they’re not.

Kairi kinda can’t forget his old crush.

And this Toji comes back to Momo saying he misses her. (Go die)

And then comes my favourite scene in the movie: Momo walking away from the both of them at this point. None of them deserves her.

Very good.

Anyway, Sae gets in trouble. And Momo assists. Kairi assists.

And Sae tells Momo how she’d actually threatened Toji to leave Momo if he didn’t want Sae to release photos of Momo and the random guy.

I didn’t see that coming actually. I mean that made a lot more sense than being ashamed of Momo and her untrue reputation.

But do you know what this opens?

With Kairi remembering his old crush, this opens the door to the main lead getting the girl.

But do you know what door actually opened?


4/5 for Daytime Shooting Star cause there was something I found unnatural about Suzume’s acting.

5/5 for Peach Girl for plot.

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