Karuppan (TAMIL)

This was a good movie despite others rating it 2.5 stars.

This was a 5 star movie for characterisation of the leads. It was 3 stars for plot. The baseline of the movie was certainly run-of-the-mill at some point. But the type of characters was fresh.

The movie starts off in a misogynistic rural society where our hero Karuppan (Vijay Sethubathi) is a bull tamer. So in a competition, Karuppan’s friends goad a bull owner Maayi (Pasupathy) into putting his sister Anbuselvi (Tanya) up for grabs if Karuppan manages to tame Maayi’s bull.

Karuppan succeeds.

And just when you’re done with all these lame ass movies portraying such misogynistic crap and you want to turn the movie off because you know the rest of the story. Maayi won’t let this happen. Anbuselvi won’t let this happen. The movie will be about dominance, keeping your word, honour and other BS.

But no.

When it turns out, Karuppan is the one that actually refuses to go along with the bet…

…you know we have a good story.

Karuppan is similar to all the archetype rural characters in patriarchal societies to be ever portrayed in movies except for one significant difference: he respects women which is what makes the movie 5 stars for me. You don’t see this quality in most rural stories. And it’s not a quality that’s forced upon the character for trendsake. No. Karuppan’s characterization was given thought. As a viewer you can see why Karuppan has this quality in him and how his mum was an important factor.

Maayi is another amazing character. He didn’t put his sister on the table due to a moment of impulse or because of male ego. No. He had a good reason to do so. And even when he lost the bet, he didn’t force Anbuselvi to marry Karuppan. Throughout the entire movie, Maayi and Anbuselvi’s sibling relationship was a joy to watch. Maayi was protective and not overbearing. At one point (after Anbu and Karuppan get married), even when Maayi’s whole entourage was saying they should get Anbu away from Karuppan and Maayi himself felt a bit unsettled towards Karuppan, Maayi still did not force Anbu to leave Karuppan. He knew Karuppan liked Anbu and he knew Anbu liked him too. That choice of leaving, he left it to her.

Anbu. My, oh my. Her character was just all round genuine and sensible. Her heroine character has been the most real-est heroine in a while. She doesn’t jump to conclusions. She listens to what people have to say. She thinks about the situation from multiple perspectives. She gives chances only when it is deserved. She’s really the most normal lady ever and that’s what makes her great.

Anbu and Karuppan’s love line was the sweetest thing because there was nothing infantile about it. Seriously, god I love all these movies where the love really just transcends infatuation, lust, immature obsessions etc. Haaah.

But anyway what actually comes between the sweet romance story between Anbu and Karuppan is this imbecile that likes Anbu and wants to split them up. Tsk. This imbecile comes between the sibling relationship between Anbu and Maayi too. Tsk.

4/5 for the love line and the sibling line.

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