Nene Raju Nene Mantri (TELUGU)

I can’t even. This movie was supposed to go places.

And it went to places. Such low places I didn’t think was possible.


(almost a scene by scene rant until I stopped watching the movie)

Look. This movie started off great. Jogendra (Rana) is introduced as a convict headed for the gallows and the media is there to do their final interview. They want to know Jogendra’s story and how he’s now a death row inmate. So Jogendra shares his flashback story.

Jogendra and Radha (Kajal) are introduced as a super sweet couple. You can see how Jogendra has his heart in the right place and how Radha is the most sweetest person around. Jogendra is a money-lender with a “conscience” (i’ll tell you why it’s in inverted commas later). When people come to him for money, he wants to know what people want to do with it and how he can help to ensure they pay their dues. For example, this farmer came to him for money to buy some seeds and for farming. Not only did Jogendra lesson the interest rate, he also gave the fella some seeds and advice on what crops he should farm given the climate. As collateral, the farmer gives his wife’s bangles. He doesn’t want to part with it but Jogendra says it’s not the bangles that matters, it’s just Jogendra’s principle that he needs something to be exchanged. Which I mean I can understand. You give money in exchange for something of value to the person.

The scene follows with Radha giving back the farmer the bangles (without Jogendra knowing). One of Jogendra’s men, informs Jogendra.

And this is where I thought I was going to love this movie.

Jogendra wasn’t one bit upset. He says we earn and spend money for happiness. And something about Radha’s happiness is his. And that’s beautiful.

Anyway when she returns the bangles, Radha says something along the lines of Radha and Jogendra need blessings not valuables so that one day they can have a family. And in the next instant of getting blessings from the farmer and his wife, she vomits which means she’s pregnant. (I’ll let this scene slide)

So anyway, Radha gets preggies. And the song sequence comes on. And damn. Their love story is just super sweet. And so Radha goes to the temple to light up a lamp as part of her prayers.

But. As she does it, the village head’s wife pushes her away, because as the head’s wife she’s the one that’s allowed to light the lamp first.

And as a result of the push, Radha loses her child and her ability to produce children.

Did not see that coming.

But anyway, Radha’s upset as expected. And Jogendra goes to meet the village head and says how Radha wants Jogendra to be the village head, that the only reason she got pushed was because she wasn’t the wife of the village head.

I’m okay with this.

And the way Jogendra masterminded the entire thing of becoming village head… that was really good too. I liked it.

The area’s MLA calls for a meeting between Jogendra and the ex village head for a compromise. (There is a corrupt policeman in this scene too). The ex village head is more than upset at being played and he says some shit about Radha.

So Jogendra kills the village head. Without hesitation.


The MLA seeing he can’t use a dead guy anymore decides to assist Jogendra and asks the policeman to file the murder as a self-defence case instead, which he does. But the policeman tries to blackmail Jogendra by asking for money for his sister’s wedding in exchange for the FIR. Jogendra is upset. But the policeman puts his gun on the table dares Jogendra to kill him like he killed the ex village head if he’s so angry.

Jogendra picks up the gun.

And shoots his own hand. (You know at this point, I’m like… Jogendra’s definitely crazy. Like I know he’s a sweet guy and all but… this guy is off somewhere)

And puts the blame on the police officer. The police officer gets transferred.

Anyway the MLA calls and say not to worry he has the FIR.

MLA also asks for money in place of the FIR. When Jogendra says the amount is too much, MLA asks for Radha instead. (which is so stupid. This MLA saw Jogendra kill the ex village head for barely saying Radha will live like a beggar if Jogendra died or something and this MLA will have the audacity to ask for Radha? Ridic)

Anyway, Jogendra kills the MLA too.

And I mean at this point… all I’m telling myself is Jogendra isn’t killing anyone that’s good. So… okay…

And so Jogendra’s like everyone is messing with him cause they got power. So he wants the power. He schemes his way into becoming the MLA (I actually don’t understand the scheming but meh) But as he gets more and more power, the more he doublecrosses other people (who are not good people) and the more enemies he gets. And you know you start to wonder about his morals. He just seems to be enjoying himself and his schemes and doing good only just serves his schemes and is not his goal.

But anyway Radha just gets more and more magnanimous as the movie goes on.

Also shout out to Jogendra’s right hand man, who’s an absolute cutie and is also a good guy who protects Jogendra at every turn.

But anyway back to the story. Jogendra’s schemes are at the point of being told to the country when a journalist (Catherine) goes on TV to oust him.

And so Jogendra makes a trip to her house.

And she’s in her bathrobe, on the sofa.

There’s only that few ways this scene is going to play out.

(Not to mention the house door is unlocked, and there’s this see through television kind of thing??? Like a holographic television. But you can see through it to see Jogendra, which makes it so useless.)

Anyway. They have sex.

And all of a sudden this journalist who came on TV to oust him, goes on TV again to say good things.


But damn. You cheat on Radha for the journalist? And you say you’re doing it for Radha?

This is where the movie goes downhill.

Like. It’s at this point I realise, Jogendra has no goddamn morals or values or principles. He will do anything as long as he’s under the belief that it’s for his love.

Radha isn’t stupid. She knows Jogendra’s having this affair. BUT I’M SO ANNOYED THAT SHE STILL SUPPORTS HIM. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? NO.

The rest of the movie don’t really matter to me anymore. I had one and a half more hours of it to watch. I couldn’t be bothered about a hero that doesn’t have values. But I did continue watching. I wanted to know if there’ll be any saving graces. Will he change?

No. He killed his right-hand man, the cutie, under the assumption that he was betraying him without even giving the cutie a chance to talk. He continued his affair with the journalist. He got angry at Radha. He brought the journalist home to Radha. Dumb. He lost his electorate at some point and went back to where he started. And Radha’s still with him, mind you and when Radha asks him to give everything up, to be the old Jogendra, to choose between her or the Chief Minister position, he keeps silent. So it upsets Radha and she leaves. AND AT THIS POINT, THIS SON OF —— CAN STILL SAY RADHA IS LEAVING HIM WHEN HE HAS NOTHING. Useless.

Anyway.. they patch up. And at this point, there’s a killing attempt made at Jogendra, which accidentally implicates Radha as well. Radha doesn’t actually die… until she pulls the chord herself and kills herself to earn Jogendra votes.

That’s it man. Bye. 30 more minutes of this movie left but I’m done. I don’t know what the point of this movie was. I don’t care to find out. You can’t earn me back in 30 minutes. You just can’t. Even if you turn over a new leaf. Too bad. The movie doesn’t deserve a happy ending just because he’s changed in 30 minutes. He better be paying for the 2hrs worth of nonsense.

So I’m sorry, I don’t actually know how Jogendra got himself on death row but it’s most definitely his own doing.



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