Mersal (TAMIL)


There was this flashback scene in this movie where the doctors do caesarian on this lady. The baby comes out dead. Like they do CPR, they hit the baby, they try putting on the oxygen mask for the baby, but no… the baby is hella dead. So one of the docs (or someone) goes to throw out the hella-dead-baby. The hella-dead-baby is in a plastic bag. And that plastic bag is thrown – I repeat, THROWN – into this garbage dump area.

A couple of scenes later, the earlier hella-dead-baby is shown crying.

At present time (after twenty odd years), we see that the earlier hella-dead-baby has grown up to be a normal human with no disabilities, no deformities, no health issues. Hell, the human even does magic.

I’m done with this movie rant.

I’m just done.

No. There’s one more thing I’d like to rant about. So this whole movie’s preachy message is this: there are a lot of doctors who make use of medicine to earn money, they do over-the-top unnecessary procedures to make patients pay, this should not be accepted and healthcare should be free.

Forget the issues that come about with the notion of free health care, I want to talk about the way this movie addresses the issue of shitty doctors. Our so-called hero (Vetri) kills doctors or any other people that have made use of medicine to earn money (whereby their greed had led to the loss of lives). You want to kill people who do wrong. Do you. But don’t say you’re a hero alright. You’re a killer. End of story. Don’t say you’re doing a service. You’re not. Anniyan (Referring to a 2005 movie – Anniyan) killed people who did injustice. And he owned his kills. He was ready to go to jail for it. He was never the hero. He never claimed to be.

Why is killing the bad guy the only way? ‘Doing a service.’ That’s a terrible idea to impress upon the youth. And anyway, in the end, all you were doing was exacting revenge for the doctor killing your parents. SHIT YES. See, this entire shitty doctors entourage was headed by one doctor guy – our main villain. Our main villain had killed our ‘ hero’s ‘ parents years ago. And our main villain thought the kids were long dead (I mean a hella-dead-baby would make you think that). Anyway, our main villain has a few branches of hospitals that work for him. And his whole scheme is to make a business out of medicine. I hate villains whose end goal is money. What are you going to do with it? Eat it? Urgh. So anyway, our ‘hero’ disses an entire nation of doctors just because his parents trusted the shitty ass main villain. I mean our ‘hero’ makes it seem like the entire nation is being betrayed by all the doctors when it’s really just the doctors working with the main villain’s hospitals. So…. this movie is a revenge plan made seem like it’s for a social cause? Oooops.

Before I go on here's some character info.

Heroes: Vetri and Maaran (brothers who were separated at birth), their father, Vetrimaaran
Vetri (who's the earlier hella-dead-baby) does magic and is a killer. Maaran is just a doctor who gets into trouble because of his brotherand has no recollection he had a brother. (They look identical. Eventhough they were born a few years apart. Ridic.)

Also. The hero (Maaran) introduction. Damn. Damn. Damn. So our hero is overseas and he’s wearing the Indian traditional wear of dhoti and shirt.  He is then picked out as suspicious by the airport staff in the foreign land. Apparently, they humiliate him, thinking he’s some village man, by asking him to strip and then wear back his clothes. Then they ask him to sit in one corner. From this corner, he sees a lady choking or some shit and faint. And he’s like ‘OH SHIT YOU HAVE TO SAVE HER.’ And the security asks him to calm down. And he’s like ‘NO NO NO YOU HAVE TO SAVE HER DAMMIT’. The staff try to hold him back. And he fights with the staff. And makes his way towards the lady.

And I’m like screw you. You were brought into this room because you were suspicious and they probably haven’t finished screening you. And yes, someone might be dying, but are there no other staff in the freaking airport? Obviously, there are. Stop attacking law enforcement and justifying it by saying you were saving a life. He did save the life of the lady. He’s a well-renowned doctor apparently. And then the officers apologise. He tells the officers not to judge a book by it’s cover. And he’s like he will wear his dhoti and shirt because he’s proud of it.

Guess what.

I don’t recall Maaran, wearing his dhoti and shirt ever again for the rest of the 2hr plus movie.

You nugget. You stinking piece of nugget. One might argue that he’s in his own home ground, no need to show off his culture. But seriously? Not even once in his hometown? That’s what makes him showy. It makes the earlier scene not as impactful. In fact, it does the opposite. He could have worn a pantsuit because he’s used to western dressing in his hometown, hell, he does his INDIAN interview in INDIA in a freaking pants and shirt, so by him going out of his way to dress culturally when he went overseas can only mean HE is the one who believes HIS CULTURE IS BETTER THAN THEIRS. (Maybe I’m being too harsh but I’m very annoyed by the story. You think airport security has nothing better to do than make fun of you for your outfit?) Please watch Border Security.

Okay, wait before I end this rant, remember I mentioned the hella-dead-baby coming back alive and doing magic. Okay, shit the magic system in this movie. I’m telling you there’s some dark ass, voodoo, black magic that’s going on in this movie. I’m super sure, Vetri sold his soul to the devil. They didn’t carry this subplot. But I’m telling you Vetri’s not a magician, he’s a sorcerer, he’s Voldemort. And there are other characters that do some crazy ass voodoo magic. And the characters who interact with these voldemorts don’t seem to think of it as anything but normal. The chair comes sliding from the other side of the room to you AND YOU JUST TAKE A SEAT?????????? WHAT????! LIKE WHAT?????! Oh the magic. But I’m telling you if Vetri sold his soul to the devil, I can totally understand why he is so harped on killing people. And also maybe being thrown into the garbage dump affected his mental health. But too bad, the movie didn’t put it across that way. They painted Vetri as a hero. Roll eyes.

Oh no I haven’t gotten to the heroines. Vetri’s parents are Vetri Maaran and Aishwarya. Aishwarya had a decent amount of screen time. Her character was fine. It was just funny that when she was about to die, she could still talk important plot details despite the high dosage of anaesthetics that had been fed to her. I’ll let it slide. Aishwarya was a nice character. Vetri had a love interest, Anu Pallavi. This is the one I cannot. This girl knows jack about Vetri and there she is telling him her life story and problems so that the plot can move on (because Vetri needs these details cause Anu works for the guy Vetri wants to kill). And after one song sequence, she’s all like ‘you are the best thing to ever happen’. I get it movie, you have a lot of things to explain in this movie and ain’t nobody got time fo dat romance to build up. It’s like Take 1, Action, Cut, Next scene. Leggo.

But I still can’t man. Anu was a poorly written character.

Then we have Maaran’s love interest Tara who’s also a bit dumb. Like girl, you need to interview a world-renowned doctor and you don’t know how he looks like? So he manages to fool you into thinking he’s not the doctor you’re looking for? Don’t pull a 2005 Ghajini’s Sanjay Ramasamy on me, movie. No. It’s not 2005. Terrible. But whatever, I actually like Tara. She’s a bit cute, she’s a bit funny, she’s a bit daring.

Ok, next topic.

I won’t even get into the statement Vetri said at the end about Singapore having free healthcare. When you can have a hella-dead-baby coming back alive… what does it matter if you get ‘heavily subsidized healthcare’ changed for ‘free healthcare’.


There are only two people I liked in this movie. Vadivelu and one grandma. The two who offered comedic relief.

Out of all the movies Vijay (who acts as both Maaran and Vetri and a third character whose name I can’t remember at this time) has ever done, why is this movie his highest grossing film ever? Is it cause of the inflated ticket pricing?

Theri was great. Kaththi was alrighttttt. Thuppaaki was pretty good as well. (In Thuppaaki he was killing people too. But when you have power vested upon you to make a change, it makes a difference. Although it can be argued he actually had no power and he took it upon himself to kill terrorists… I close my eyes on this. I don’t know maybe because it was the way he killed the terrorists. It was to the point. It was a mission. As for Mersal… the killing was abit creatively done. It seemed more like a game where our ‘hero’ was playing with other people’s lives. Sure Vetri wanted to send a message but it just felt like he was fuelled by a negative emotion of revenge and hate while Jagadish in Thuppaaki was fuelled by a positive emotion of wanting to save. It’s such a minute difference because Vetri wants to help people too… but I mean it’s the same as Anniyan and Light in Death Note. Anniyan, Light and Vetri want to make a better world by causing people to fear them, to fear for their own lives if they do bad. But that’s not how lasting change comes about. People grow tired of being afraid. A habit shouldn’t stem from fear.)

Idk. Am I too harsh on this movie? Idk.

Rant over.


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