Aval (TAMIL)




(I’ll try not to spoil anything)

This was a great effort at horror for the Indian Cinema in recent times. (Then again I didn’t see Dora or Maya). And I know I don’t watch serious horror movies. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I only like horror movies with a comedic overlay. This movie wasn’t it. But I kind of wanted to watch it. I mean Siddharth.


Krish (Siddharth) and Lakshmi (Andrea) live happily at this cool ass house in the mountains. It’s a freaking cool place. Then they get new neighbours. Paul (the dad), Colonel (Paul’s dad), Lizzie (the mum, second wife of Paul), Jenny (teenage daughter of first wife and Paul), Sarah (preschooler? daughter of second wife and Paul). Jenny’s a rude ass nugget. Super rude to Lakshmi seriously. Jenny has an eye on Krish. And it’s roll my eyes ridic. As in it’s fine for the story, it’s just… my blood boils seeing Jenny flirting with Krish.  How dare she even try to come between Krish and Lakshmi!!! Urgh! Jenny calls Lakshmi aunty and Krish by his name. God. Have you seen Lakshmi? She’s gorgeous. Anyway. This neighbour’s family…. the family is fine. It’s the house that’s shit.

And the ghost isn’t confined to the neighbour’s house, it comes to Krish and Lakshmi’s house too.

Okay, I’ll stop here. I think this movie is great. The jumpscares were placed in the best places. The storyline was great. It was seriously scary. The make up was so good. And the hauntings made sense. The actress that played Jenny was perfect. I’m glad they didn’t make her out to be some vixen. She had some vixen-like qualities but there was much more depth to her character than just her crushing on Krish. And Sarah was uber cute. I mean she’s scarred for life but Sarah’s super cute.

Some warning though. Before watching this movie I thought it was NC 16 for ghost scares. Turns out it’s also NC 16 for intimate scenes between Krish and Lakshmi. It’s hot and lovely and great. But damn. They went as far as they could.

But… There are two scenes I just hated. Not really spoilers but… you know how in these kinds of movies, the characters will go in search of someone or do research to find out the story behind the ghost or in this case, the house? Yea, so our characters do some research and they find out that there’s a person who lives in a neighbouring village who knows the story. So they go to see her. See this person is an old age grandma, that’s not even my issue. The grandma speaks in Hindhi and they do a freaking Tamil grandma voiceover. So you can hear both languages, of course Tamil being more pronounced. I get it, getting a translator to be in the movie might lengthen the scene, but just do it. Or maybe it can be argued that our characters know Hindhi so it makes no sense for them to have a translator character in that scene but they don’t want to put the Tamil in subtitles as this will affect audience understanding of the important flashback (supposing the audience can’t read fast enough or can’t read at all) so there’s no other choice but to have a Tamil voiceover. I understand.

But I still hate it when that happens.

The next scene is the one that took away the .3 off of the 5. The freaking deaths. See the ghost possessed someone to kill off a couple of people. Once the ghost story is settled… HOW COME THIS PERSON DOESN’T GO TO JAIL? Why is this subplot not addressed? I mean I get that the movie is not about that.. like why the fcuk would a court scene be in a ghost movie, I get it. But still. PEOPLE DIED???? One of them, probably won’t be missed, so okay, this death I’ll let pass. But the second person that died is a prominent person!!!!!! His absence will not go unnoticed. This is why I’d rather the characters being seriously maimed rather than killed. But then again I see why some died while some didn’t.


(don’t say I didn’t warn you)

I get that there had to be that difference to showcase the different ghosts and their characteristics.

But bleah.

I really like the breadcrumbs in the dialogues throughout the movie. The things that when you think about in hindsight makes so much sense that should’ve stood out to you but they were hiding in plain sight. It’s great. I love it.

But I actually don’t know how I feel about the ending though. It kind of left me feeling disgusted. Also, can someone teach the ghost some science and tell the ghost how it works? That the ghost doesn’t have to do this every time? That there are ways now to determine what you will get if you just wait a few months?

Moral of the story: don’t be bloody Jenny and pick up things you find especially combs. She brought this upon everyone. (I mean she didn’t… but she still kind of did)

Whatever, I might watch this movie again because Siddharth.


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