Why I self-published.

It’s because I was lazy.


But looking back at it, saying I was lazy, is highly irresponsible of me given how much of a tedious process self-publishing has been.

See, once I had my manuscript done, I did send it out to publishers. And I hated waiting. Which is basically why I stopped sending it out to publishers. When you query publishers, you have to have a query letter. And different publishers want different things. Some want chapter outlines others want chapter synopsis. Sample chapters, blurbs, market plans, etc. etc. And I was very lazy to do up the chapter synopsis. Because it was essentially retelling the whole story in lesser words and it did nothing for me creatively speaking. It was tiring. So, yes, I was lazy. I spent the time on improving the novel instead.

But why didn’t I use a company that assists in self-publishing? I did think of them. I was looking through a list of companies. But I kind of disliked their packages and I hated the royalty proportions. And by this point, I’d done a lot of things already, edited, had a book cover concept. And I mean I might have spent more money on the book than it would have cost me to get a self-publishing company. But somehow I have no regrets. At some point, I grew to like the idea that it was all us, my friends and I. Something fleeting about the idea. Hahahhaa.

But I didn’t realise how much effort it took to self-publish. Because when you entrust a work to a company, they get the formatting right, they get the book cover right, they edit and inform you where you can make the better changes. Google was my only support. As taxing as it was, it was hella fun to discover new things. Find out new issues. And most importantly, I was doing new things. I wasn’t waiting for chances.

Will I self-publish again? That’s a really good question. I don’t know.


But it goes back to this, it’s not really the royalties that I have that much of an issue with, it’s really will I take the effort to write chapter synopsis’.

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