Be. Room. Cliff.

The be, room, cliff tag is about choosing characters you want to be, characters you want to room with and characters you want to kill.

So I’ll be talking about who are the characters from TFYP I want to do what with in this post!

Om – BE. He’s essentially not a bad guy. I wouldn’t want him to die but then again I don’t want to be roommates with him. He’s kind of not that fun. He likes to follow the crowd. He goes with the flow. He’s the kind of guy that if you ask what he wants to eat, he’ll say ‘anything’ all the time.

Vikram – CLIFF. Look, I don’t hate him. Okay, I do. The person I am finds him hella annoying. Like shut up already. Stop. Stop overpowering everyone with the loudness of your voice.

Sid – ROOM. Definitely. He’s fun and he’s not that dumb. He’s charming AF anyway.

Dev – ROOM. Because he’s the type that just minds his own business. He does his things. He doesn’t bother you. But he’s nice too. So he’ll buy you food if he plans to buy himself food and eat in the room. Awwww iknowright.

Sara – CLIFF. I can’t room with her. I don’t want to be her either. I really don’t want to cliff her but she’s just…

Sasha – ROOM. She’s a mix of Sid and Dev. Like she knows when to have fun and when to mind her own business. She’d buy you food if she’s getting some too. Only difference: she’ll call to ask what you want.

Srishti – ROOM. I’d actually like to hang out with her. She’s almost like Sasha. But she’s more honest about her feelings. She doesn’t hide when she’s sad, she doesn’t keep it to herself when someone hurts her. She doesn’t act out either. She just likes to keep it real and she’s hella confident in herself. She sticks to her choices.

Lalli – CLIFF. She sucks. Terrible. You try to help her when she’s drowning and she’ll use you as a float accidentally killing you.

Daniel – CLIFF. He’s not terrible but I would neither want to be him nor would I want to room with him.  Just no. Like Dev is the kind of character that would kindly assist me if I needed help, but Daniel would roll his eyes, ask me why I can’t do it myself, sigh loudly before finally helping me. Such a rude ass,

Mottai (Dean or Dr Balram Prasad) – BE. I’d like to be him. Yea. He’s a good man. He’s the kind of guy who will tell you your plan is crazy and also at the same time assist to make the plan safer so that you still have fun but you don’t get hurt. He’s gawddamn awesome.

Sophie – ROOM. And I’ll be the fun one in this friendship cause she’s too stable and nice.

Mr Yogi – ROOM. Mr Yogi like only appears twice in the whole story but trust me HAH. I’d room with him just to annoy the fcuk out of him. HAHAHAHAH. He will tell me my plan is crazy, that I’ll get hurt but won’t stop me, neither will he join me. But when I come back injured, he’d say ‘I told you so’ and throw a band-aid at me or something before getting on with his work.

Ahhh I made monsters.

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