My next story idea

I haven’t got a title yet. But it starts off in a mystical environment. It has Indian mythology and a lot of realism.

The book starts at the end. By the end I mean, at the end of Raiza’s time in Hell. So after hundreds and thousands of years, she’s finally meeting the King of Death for the second time. The first time, he sentenced her to a long time in Hell for her sins and now he’s about to send her to the Heavens for the virtuous acts she had committed during her time on Earth. The problem, however, is that she feels no attachment to the good that she had apparently done. She just can’t accept to Heaven. She feels she’s not bound for Heaven and to go there with a soul that doesn’t belong would be the greatest sin. The King of Death’s righthand man lets slip that this is not the first time a soul feels this detachment and it’s getting out of hand. She is then convinced by the King of Death’s right-hand man to go back to Earth to find out who she was and what happened to her. But to go back to Earth when her soul doesn’t belong in Earth, is only possible if she agrees to act as a messenger for the King. She has to ferry souls that have finished their lifetimes to the King’s court. She agrees. But the King of Death is hesitant because in doing so, she will be forsaking her place in Heaven forever for no messenger has ever succeeded to go to Heaven. But the King is also afraid. Messengers are typically souls which were not bound for the Heavens in the first place but have outspent their time in Hell. Despite all of it, Raiza managed to convince the King of Death to send her back to Earth.

And with only her name and the time 1 52 AM, she starts her journey to find out who she was and what exactly happened to her and just who or what is behind the detachments the souls have been feeling as of lately.




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