Season greetings (Kodiveeran, Tamil)

I have not watched much movies or read any books recently.

No, actually I did watch a movie. And I didn’t like it. And I would do a rant review for it but… I went into the movie knowing I won’t like it, so I’m not fuelled with enough anger to hate on it. It was a Tamil movie called Kodi Veeran. Okay, you know what, this shall be a rant review.

I’m giving it 2.5/5 because it was decent but I cannot. It’s such 2003 movie. You know I like myself a good brother-sister relationship movie. I love it. But this movie was overflowing over the top, like please stop. I hate it when the characters have to say how much they love the other. What the fcuk. Stop. Like you say it once? Okay. You say it through the entire movie? I mean, this sister gives up things for the brother and the brother also does the same (I think) and everytime someone gives something up they’re like ‘Oh I love him/her and I respect him/her and he/she wants the best for me’. Stop. No. Just cause you’re a brother/sister doesn’t automatically make you worthy of respect, love and other BS. I mean the brothers and sisters are fine, but they are far from perfect. And I don’t understand why this sister will make a promise of doing whatever this other girl wants if  said other girl will fall in love with her brother (because the brother likes this other girl). Srsly, I see no reason why this sister will do that. Your brother isn’t the God the freaking village portrays him to be. You know I seriously have had enough of all these movies with all these heroes being portrayed as Gods. What did they fcuking do that gives them such a God worthy status? He can fight? He fights bad guys in the village? He catches the biggest fish in the competition? What the fcuk are you talking about? Like why does the brother get so much support from his villagers but the prosecutor (who prosecutes the evil bastard) and the area counsellor (who wants to do good for the village) not get as much love and support? Like one thing happens to this bozo, and the whole village is like ready for a fight while the village counsellor is getting chased by goons with knives, and the villagers stand and watch the show? Wtf. Disgusting. I cannot stand it with these movies that only seem to exist to boost the ego of the heroes. But I don’t remember much of this movie. I don’t want to. And you know I can’t stand all these stupid villains. What the fcuk is wrong with you man? You do a crime and you get so pissed off someone’s trying to put in jail? What the fcuk is wrong with you? You’re not even trying to hide the fact that you did a crime. There you are flaunting it and you expect the prosecutor and the rest of the world to let it go? What the fuck? Give the prosecutor a break, will you? Sure, he’s trying to put you in jail, BUT THAT’S HIS GAWDDAMN JOB JUST LIKE HOW YOU BEING A BAD GUY MEANS YOU MUST DO CRIME. Seriously, why are you taking it so personally?!?! Why are you seething with rage that someone tries to put you in jail you bloody criminal! I can understand anger and the thrill of having someone challenge you, but downright hatred and vengeance is just…  And I mean the ending… The ending is just… makes no sense. Because IF YOU HAD THAT MUCH SENSE, YOU WOULDN’T HAVE LET IT GET THAT FAR, YOU PIECE OF SHIT.


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