Girls in the Dark (Japanese)


I went into this movie knowing it’s a murder mystery about the school’s top girl, Itsumi having committed suicide or being murdered and the five other people in the club, that she was president of, was suspected of murder instead.

So when the movie opened with a group of four girls around a table with a covered pot and a fifth girl (the vice president of the club) saying the recipe is secret so the four girls have to eat in the dark… yea. No.


Not good at all.


But I continued to watch.

And the story unravelled in a pretty nice way. All the plot twists were certainly unexpected and every character’s motivations and behaviour made sense. Each of the four girls around the table takes turns to say their side of the story and who they suspect amongst themselves. All the stories have something in common. Each of them adores Itsumi and they put it across that one of the other three (excluding the vice president), was out to harm Itsumi. And each story makes you think twice about each of the four girls. The four stories tell you two sides to each of the four girls (some possible good aspects and some possible bad aspects about each of them). And at this point, everyone seems to be capable of having hurt Itsumi, but what is sorely missing is motive from each of them. So you don’t really know who might have murdered Itsumi, if it was murder and not suicide. Until….

Until the vice president takes the reign and says the fifth story. And damn is her side of the story hella crazy.

It changes everything. It tells you something about each of the four girls you’d never think was plausible. It tells you something about Itsumi that was never let on by any of the four girls. And damn.



I can’t even. Let’s just say everyone is twisted in this show. Not the kind of movie you want to start the new year with but… damn.

So what was in that goddamn pot? Yea. You know. It is what you think it is. It is.

It was… is it a good movie? I mean, it’s hella dark and twisted. And if dark and twisted is something you like then I guess definitely go for it, it’s good in that sense.

But if not… stay clear, steer away.


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