Velipadinte Pushthakam (Malayalam)

At this point, I’ve decided I’m going to regroup my Menu and put all these movies under the following categories South Asian Movies (Mostly Indian movies: Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindhi), English Movies and East Asian Movies (Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese.) By the time this post goes up, I’m pretty sure the website will already be amended for this.

Anyway, Velipadinte Pushthakam is a solid 3/5. Not sure what kind of movie this was going into, but it turned out good.


But first off, it started with a fight. Like a five minute fight sequence between one guy and a group of bad guys. And I don’t know who this one guy is. Granted I’ve actually never watched many if not any Malayalam movies, but yea, I didn’t know who he was, why they were attacking him. I didn’t know anything. So when the one guy died I was like… okay… Next scene please.

And then the college story started. And I just love all these college stories. Hehehe. But the scenes moved very fast. Like we have two gangs in the college, poor vs the rich. And their rivalry was actually so civil for the most part. Like they were just having fun messing with each other but neither side did anything super crazy. Like they were still bound by some principles and morals. It’s not like a fight til the end of who can screw up the other most. It’s really just messing with each other within the limit. And I liked it. I like a rivalry with principles. I like a fight with principles. I like people with principles. Hahahha. But anyway they fight in this hall in the college and accidentally break one of the photos of the three founding father’s of the college. Guess who? It’s the guy that was murdered in the beginning of the movie. But that’s about it.

And then the college gets a new Vice Principal.

And at this point, I still don’t know what this story is about. Is it a college story? I don’t know, because the rival students aren’t given the whole block of the time. Time was being equally split between the teachers, the students, the principals and you just don’t know who this story is about. Who is the centre of it all? But I keep watching cause I really have no idea what’s going to happen and I like college stories gehe.

And you know there was this scene I’m just going to describe because I really loved it. So the rich people group’s leader is Sameer and the poor people group’s leader is Franklin amongst the students. So Sameer takes a video of Franklin talking to a girl in the college and posts it on YouTube I think. So the girl’s family takes this seriously and stops her from going to school and wants to get her married off. Granted Sameer did not own up to taking the video…. initially.

But when the girl managed to come back to school after the new vice principal went to talk to her parents, Sameer apologised. Ohmygawd. That’s just.


He apologised saying he didn’t realise it was going to be serious and that he was truly sorry.

And my heart.


Good man.

So Franklin and Sameer’s hatchet kind of gets buried. And I mean it all happened real quick but it was all very probable also because they were not terrible people to begin with. They were not seething with rage and vengeance. And I liked it.

So anyway, here comes the problem. The college has no hostel. So the new vice principal wants to build a hostel but has not much funds. But he does however have a Film Director friend who’s willing to produce a movie. And so the plan is to make a commercial feature film by the students and teachers with student actors, directors and everything. Everything is by the students. Sameer is the director and Franklin who was initially shown to have interest in writing is set to be the film’s script writer. Of course they all receive help from people already in the industry. I like the concept.

But the problem is that there’s no good story to be told until someone tells the story of one of the founding fathers of the college. The interesting thing is, this college is a Christian college, but one of the three founding fathers was Hindhu. And it was the guy that was killed in the very beginning of this movie. He was supposedly killed while trying to do more things for the college. So then they begin their search to find out more about this guy called Vishwan I believe.

Hohoho, that was a good tie-in.

And I’m telling you they even managed to put in at least three plot twists in this movie.  Did I think this movie was going to become suspenseful? Absolutely not. I thought it’d be more action than mystery because Vishwan was murdered, so I was sure there was going to be a lot more fighting. So the plot twists and the suspense was a pleasant surprise. But the first plot twist… I was like hm… this won’t work in this day and age. Why would the Vice Principal even trust this guy? But then I figured, all these characters are different from the usual set of characters we see in mainstream movies. All of these guys even the villains are actually somewhat simple-minded. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing because sometimes, everything is simple, we’re the ones that over complicate it. All the characters in this movie are redeemable, they all strive to do their best,  they learn from their mistakes and apologise and make amends. No one is too far gone. Maybe that’s why I like this movie. There’s a lot of humanity in the movie and in the characters.

Other than in the main villain, that guy’s a douchebag.


I can’t give it more because I really wanted a college story, not the founding father’s story. LOL. I’m sorry man.


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