Drumroll for the title of my next work

The Unthreading of Raiza Rastogi

Unthreading is very significant. This book is all about threads!! I’m so excited for it. I’ve finished planning half of the book but the crazy second half is taking a while. I’m currently busy with work but I’ll get to this book by the end of next month!

But I’m reading through The Final Year Project again AND DAAAAAAMN all the feels. I miss that college setting. I really love the college setting. It’s just really a time of ‘screw everything, we’re at the top of the world’ kind of feeling.

Another college story anytime soon? Nahhh. If I do anything college related, it’ll be prequels to TFYP in the different character perspectives. I can more or less see Vikram, Sid, Dev and Daniel’s point of view happening. They will not be on the same timeline as TFYP which took place between 2016-2017. They will all take place before TFYP and will address in detail the issues they were each dealing with during TFYP.

  • Sid’s  backstory that has made him who he is in TFYP
  • Vikram’s backstory that affects his friendships in TFYP
  • Dev’s backstory that led up to events in TFYP
  • Daniel’s version of what happened after the scandal

But Sara’s the one that’s difficult. TFYP is intentionally not in her point of view. And we already have a lot of her backstory in TFYP. If I do one with Sara, it’ll be on the same timeline as TFYP but different events.

Maybe I might get to doing the prequels before I start on The Unthreading of Raiza Rastogi. Maybe, I might do short novellas. Hmmmmm…. That’s an idea.


Stay tuned.

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