I’ve started on Vikram’s backstory. I am hoping to finish it by the end of the month. It’s going good.

It’s going really good.

I’ve finished plotting his entire story which I’m guessing people would say I should have finished before I did The FYP. I understand. But in my defence, I went into The FYP without any intentions of doing these backstories (to be published). And I already had a general idea of these backstories. What material I had was sufficient to make The FYP true to its characters. And going deeper into this backstories isn’t that difficult because I know these characters well. I hate them all, just saying. But I know them pretty well. And I’m having a good time with Vikram.

I didn’t think I would.

See, I started with his mainly because I really hate him. He is so horrible in The FYP. Well, he’s not the worst guy around. And there are many instances where he gets to show his sweet, caring, brotherly side in The FYP. But god, do I abhor him. The person that I am does. And I knew that his backstory was going to be a little sad for him. I knew I might have more sympathy for him if I started on his backstory. And as I started writing him, I have to say… I see more of his good side. When you zoom in on the details, you get to understand your characters on a deeper level. My general idea of him was accurate but there’s a completely different side to Vikram that I would not have known if I hadn’t gotten down to the nitty-gritty details. So what I’m saying is that this idea of writing the backstories of the characters in The FYP has made me realise just how much you can play with the characters in your story when you know what exactly happened to them. It’s a gruelling process though. But such details get more important as the story gets longer. I was able to get away with general ideas of my characters because The FYP is relatively short. It was a conscious decision. So it’s just something to take note of. Backstories!

But yes, Vikram.

Vikram. Vikram. Vikram.

I still dislike him. But well, he is who he is. And I kind of feel for him.


But yea, I hope to finish the first draft of Vikram soon, then… I’ll probably do Daniel’s.

Crap when I am I going to start on Raiza?

Probably after Daniel’s.

And most likely I might take a break while writing Raiza to complete Sid and Dev’s because Raiza is quite traumatic. I also want to take time to improve the magic system and the rules of the world. I am redoing the plotting. So it’s going to be a while before I can start on Raiza proper.

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