Velaikaaran (Tamil)

After Remo, it’s really hard to go downhill. But after Aruvi, watching any movie is just unfortunate.

But in all honesty, Velaikaaran was a positive movie. At the end of the day, it’s a commercial entertainer and I think it did it’s duty well.

But I didn’t like the songs (other than Karuthanvanlaam Galeejam, that’s on replay). And the song sequences did seem quite abrupt to me.

Anyway let’s head straight to it;

The plot goes like this: We have Arivu (played by Sivakarthigeyan) who lives in the slums. This slum has a Don named Kasi played by Prakash Raj (I’ll just digress: Prakash Raj is still playing the same type of villain he played years ago. And I don’t know how I feel about that. I don’t hate it but it’s just funny at this point hahaha.) Anyway, Arivu is against the Don. He hates how the Don is using the people of his slum for his own gangster activities, so Arivu starts a radio show to rally the people of his slum to go against the Don. While doing so, Arivu also gets himself a job at one of the top food producing companies called Saffron. Arivu believes working for companies is a more decent lifestyle than working with gangsters so he influences the people of his slum to study hard, work hard, work for companies, get out of the slums. Good intentions.

And the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Because turns out, Arivu’s company is terrible. They make crap food with too much toxicity. And Arivu, being a salesman, has been quite literally selling death to people which makes him just as terrible as Don.

So the rest of the movie is how Arivu attempts to change the situation. He targets the workers to change. And I agree. If every single worker just did their job, such terrible things wouldn’t happen.

The movie gives a lot of hope. This movie sends an important message and provides (although slightly exaggerated) a viable solution. The solution Velaikaaran suggests for society’s problem is doable and sustainable, albeit a little exaggerated because I mean it’s a movie, they need to solve the issue within a month (timeline in the movie).

But yes, let’s go to the solution he proposes. Every human just has to do his part. So many people come into contact with processed food before it ever gets out to consumers. All it needs is for one person to come forward.


Such a doable, sustainable action which will produce results in the long (long, long) run, theoretically at least. But so difficult because of all the risks in the short run.

I do agree with the notions this movie is trying to promote. But I have to say, there was too much exposition. I couldn’t get into the feeling of the movie. There was just too much explanation for the emotions. And it got a little too preachy at some point. See I don’t like being told how to feel or people explaining emotions. For example when the hero says stuff like you should feel bad because thousands of people are suffering. And then talk about the suffering of the thousands of people. Like what are you expecting? The villain obviously knows that. The villain doesn’t care. Instead, I’d rather you get straight to how the villain doesn’t care and how he’s going to suffer for it.

But I did like the pre-ending of this movie. The ending was pretty usual for a commercial entertainer, but it was the pre-ending with the plot twist that I really like because I think it’s smart and actually possible given the movie setting.

All in all, I like it. Good.




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