Sketch (Tamil)

A Wednesday late night update. Heh.

My friend, Huq, reviewed this movie perfectly.

A 2010 movie with a 2016 plot twist.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it. I actually liked this movie. I actually liked it a lot………………….until that plot twist and that wedding scene doe. A solid 3/5.


I want to summarise the story but… this… hm… how do I… hm…

Our main hero is Sketch (I swear to god I thought his name was Sketch until halfway through the movie or something his mum called him Jeeva, and I don’t know why but I found that anti-climatic. Lol please forgive) played by the amazing Vikram :). Well, Sketch works with a dubious group of people, kind of? He seizes vehicles of people who don’t pay up their dues to his boss who loaned the people the money. So they’re not actually a dubious group of people? But they are? Sketch sketches plans to seize the vehicles in a way such that it looks like they’re stolen but they’re not since the vehicles belong to his boss anyway. And yea.. he and his boss also employ young kids to help out here and there. And in the backdrop we have a villain that kills people for gangster reasons. And Sketch and his group of buddies get entwined with this villain when Sketch is asked by his boss to seize the vehicle of the villain who in the past had some feud with the boss’s father. Sketch does so.  And one by one people in Sketch’s entourage gets killed. There is also a romance brewing between Sketch and Ammu played by Tamanna. Ammu’s a well-educated, upper-class person so there are some hurdles in this love story.

Okay, let’s get to the juicy stuff.

The romance doe! At first, when they showed Sketch somewhat enamoured by Ammu and following her, I was put off. I can’t support this love story. He’s stalking her and she’s supposed to fall in love with him? He’s kind of like a local rowdy and it makes no sense for her to ever fall in love with him. In what world would such a romance even happen? That’s almost everything that makes this movie so 2010.


Oh damn did I dig their romance. There is a ‘post-2017 respect towards women’ (feminism is not the right word) feel to their romance. And it’s not just because Ammu is a strong female character who voices out her thoughts and opinions. It’s not just cause Ammu’s is a smart character that can fend for herself. It’s not just cause Ammu isn’t afraid to speak up when she finds things wrong.

Actually, quite a lot of Tamil movies do portray this aspect of women speaking up. But you know where most Tamil movies fail? They fail when they make it seem that women speaking up won’t change anything. The hero/villain will outpower her voice. The hero might say the same thing and that’s when the message is heard. Dang.

And also

Tamil movies fail when the women speaking up is speaking up after having misunderstood the situation so she’s actually wrong about what she’s speaking up about. So this negates the value of whatever she’s saying making her voice seem unreliable. That’s some A class BS right there.

And… similarly in this movie scenario 2 happens. She misunderstands Sketch a couple of times. And I’m letting it pass only because of Sketch’s reactions to her misunderstanding. See, Sketch completely understands why she is misunderstanding him. His reactions don’t negate her voice. He is upset by her misinterpretation of him but he doesn’t blame her, in a sense. He is that mature. Sketch’s maturity is really why I actually support this love story that I didn’t think I would. He follows her around which did make me feel like bruh back off. My favourite scene, though, was actually the bus scene where she boards the bus and he’s there (he wasn’t actually waiting for her, she just happened to board the bus). And Sketch’s antagonists, also on the bus, notice Sketch eyeing Ammu and decide to get closer to her. And Sketch being the typical hero of all Tamil movies steps in and just as in all other Tamil movies, Ammu misunderstands Sketch, thinking he’s the one trying to get close to her instead of the real ass. See, this scene is so overused, I can’t even begin complaining about it. But here’s what I love about that scene: Sketch’s reaction. He takes it. He doesn’t even try to stop her from saying what it is she’s saying because there is a truth to her words. She accuses him of following her wherever she goes. She’s upset by him stalking her. And he completely understands it, you know? There are two things his silence does. 1) his silence saves her from embarrassment from the rest of the people on the bus due to her misinterpretation and scolding of the wrong guy. 2) His silence doesn’t negate her feelings. Sure, she might have misunderstood what happened at the moment, but that doesn’t mean everything else he did up to that point weren’t wrong. I love that he understands that saving her – protecting her – doesn’t give him a pass to be following her around against her wishes. I love it. He is such a gentleman, yo.

And so when Ammu’s friend, who was also on the bus, tells her the truth of what Sketch was actually doing in the bus, Ammu goes to see him and he confesses his feelings to her. But at no point in time does he force her to like him back. He himself realises that his love for her won’t work out, but he liked the idea of being in love with her and it affected his actions and that he was sorry. He says he’ll forget about it.



Who wouldn’t like a guy like Sketch. I support wholeheartedly because Sketch is a good man.

The only part I did have an issue with was Sketch’s lack of respect for Ammu’s dad. Why are you talking to your lover’s father while still sitting on your bike. You’re not even going to get off? But I guess it stems from Ammu’s lack of respect for her dad. But I don’t see why Ammu doesn’t respect her dad. I see no reason. I mean which Dad will want their daughter to be with someone like Sketch (assuming the dad does not know his good heart, I mean even Ammu didn’t like him at first)??? Am I supposed to think the dad is an ass for not accepting his daughter’s love interest and so doesn’t deserve respect?????? Cue 2010 Tamil movies. Seriously, if the only flaw of the dad is that he doesn’t accept Sketch…. that’s some BS. Unless you’re telling me the dad is a hard-headed, stubborn, caste-ist, who will oppose whoever Ammu loves, then, sure, he’s a close-minded ass. But there wasn’t any character development for the dad so too bad. This movie had me thinking Ammu and Sketch, despite their redeeming qualities, are assholes.

And then when the dad ends up orchestrating some drama to get Ammu married to someone else, she goes along with it. Then she meets up with Sketch to explain herself. She says if she says no to this marriage the dad will just force her to get married to someone else. So she might as well say yes now. I agree with her. And then she says she will drop everything and go with him if he comes to pick her up on the day of the wedding.


First of all, why are we waiting for the wedding day??? Why can’t you just get married then and there??? Second of all, she didn’t at the very least tell the groom she was uninterested (although the groom might have an idea because she went away with Sketch during their first meet-up)????? She wants to wait until the wedding day when heaps of relatives are congregated to reveal to everyone and disappoint her family?????? You’ve already decided to disappoint them and you then decide to do it on a grand scale????? What????? Why????????????????????????????? And you know, she does. That’s what’s got me like what? On her wedding day, Sketch doesn’t show up cause he’s busy with some plans, but he sends his friends to the wedding saying if Ammu decides to not get married, fetch her to him. I have issues with this. I don’t understand the game these two are playing. She said to him, she will wait for him to pick her up. But he wants her to get out before picking her up? At this point, Sketch just seems like a jerk, a coward if anything. I know he can’t be there, but why not tell his friends to go tell her to get out and he’d be waiting? Seriously. But let’s go back to Ammu disappointing her family. I’m surprised no one died. She comes out of her dressing room without her jewellery and she apologises to the crowd, saying she doesn’t want to get married to the groom set up for her. First of all, you selfish AF. All these people gave up their time for you and bought presents for you… damn you should have just married Sketch prior. And how did no one die? I’d expect a heart attack. At least one. But I mean, if the director is going for the ‘Ammu is daring and courageous AF’ because she stood up for herself possibly during the hardest moment ever being surrounded by everyone who will be against her…….. it totally backfires. Because she could have stopped it from getting to this point. Now she’s just dumb, childish and selfish. Her so-called ‘courage’ seems to stem not from fighting for her beliefs but from her selfishness. Sad.

Now we get to the action part of the movie.

So Sketch and his three other buddies collude to seize the vehicle of the villain, correct? Yes. Let’s just say the plan Sketch came up with to seize that vehicle, it was good. And I totally loved how Sketch planning to seize the vehicle happened on the same day the villain was transporting drugs in the vehicle. The policeman  (played by quite a good-looking guy – I can’t find his name on Wiki, alright? I’m not objectifying him by trying to say his only quality is that he’s good-looking but he is good-looking, it’s a fact. I digress) in charge of nabbing the villain also knew the drugs were being transported on this day and had even bugged the vehicle. I absolutely loved how all these people were coming together on the same night for different freaking reasons and I had no idea how bad shit would go down. But so yea, Sketch manages to seize the vehicle, the Villain’s henchman are after him, and so are the police, and Sketch drives the car straight into a police station where our good-looking Policeman looks on confused. But yes, Sketch’s boss comes with the paperwork to say that Sketch was working for him to seize the vehicle and that he’s not involved with the drugs in the car. The Villain who follows behind tells the Policeman to take away the drugs and give him back the car, but the Policeman says that’s not possible as the car is part of the evidence. All good. I just think Sketch was let off too easily for movie sake. Like c’mon in real life, you won’t let him go. Sure, he might have an alibi and shit, but Sketch would have been investigated, it wouldn’t have been a two-minute conversation. (I digress, it’s a movie, but I’m just saying).

Anyway, so we have established a motive for the Villain to murder Sketch and his three buddies. And it’s funny because Sketch says all he did was his job of seizing vehicles why must the Villain kill him and his friends for that. You and me both Sketch. All villains in all Tamil movies ever. I don’t know why they kill over trivial things either. They need to update themselves.

Between the interactions of the Policeman and Sketch and the Policeman’s intentions of ridding the city of the Villain, there seems to be motive for the Policeman to be the one killing Sketch and his friends. Because the Policeman can say the Villain killed Sketch and his friends and use it as an excuse to kill the Villain.

But you know who plotted to kill Sketch and his friends?

It’s crap that I cannot stand. The four young boys in Sketch’s dubious group. Apparently, these young boys had felt like Sketch and his friends were taking away their chances at becoming car seizers themselves. I can’t. And the message of this movie is to put pencils instead of weapons in children’s hands if not they’ll be led astray.

And I’m like. No.

SEE, Sketch’s dubious group NO MATTER HOW DUBIOUS IT WAS, IT WAS NEVER INVOLVED WITH MURDERS. To commit premeditated murder FOUR TIMES MIND YOU, FOUR TIMES,  you need enough hate and enough motive and enough apathy towards murder. For FOUR boys to plan and then to commit FOUR murders without any of them devolving, without any of them backing out despite not working in an environment where killing is normal, is freaking impossible. It’s not possible! And the amount of brains to pull off four murders, the amount of guts, definitely not possible given the environment of their workplace. Sure, Sketch is brilliant and they might have got the brains off of seeing him work but it still doesn’t satisfy me. And also, throughout the whole movie, Sketch has been shown to display care and concern for the four young boys. He tells off his boss and his friends when they overwork them etc. Seriously, if the four young boys had no qualms of planning to kill Sketch despite his kindness towards them, how dare one of the young boys, who’s presumably the leader of the four, feel remorse after stabbing Sketch. It doesn’t suit his character. Even if Sketch had wiped off the knife with the young boy’s fingerprints before the police came, that is no reason for the young boy’s leader to feel remorse. These four young boys are cold-blooded psychopaths if they are capable of committing four murders with that level of patience, planning and precision despite not growing up in an environment where murders are the norm. Sketch has always been nice to them and they’ve still planned his death so no, it is not within the boy’s character to feel remorse. Sure, it makes for a good ending with the young boy feeling guilty, but no. Follow through your characters, please.

I mean the message the movie tries to spread about educating children instead of letting them hang around with the wrong crowd is applaudable, but it’s just kind of abrupt. Yes, Sketch kind of slips in this message here and there in the movie seamlessly which is good. But I feel like it could have been done better. Like the boys could have screwed up in other ways that are more plausible to their characters. Sure, the boys drink and smoke, and sure, Sketch is scolding them for doing it, but you know what sucks, Sketch drinks and smokes too. So… a wasted lesson. But yes, I don’t think murdering suits the characteristics of the boys.

Although a murdering group will sufficiently address the characteristics of the young boys, I do understand why the dubious group Sketch is in, can’t be involved in murders. Sketch can’t have the post-2017 morals he has if he’s with a murdering group. But it’s still a flaw. The Policeman being the plotter of the murders, although might be not as surprising as the young boys, makes for a smarter movie and provides more closure.

But with all said and done, Sketch was alright. The songs were good. The BGM was well-placed. The plans Sketch made for both seizing the vehicle and to kill the villain in revenge under suspicion of murdering his friends, amazing. And the good-looking Policeman was a welcome treat.


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