8 things I dislike seeing in stories

the close friend that is secretly plotting against the protagonist
  • this trope I will enjoy only and only if the close friend has a good reason. For example, if the close friend’s sole purpose of becoming the protagonist’s close friend is to betray them, that’s fine. But if it is something trivial that has got even the protagonist himself like ‘what the hell, I was joking?’ when the betrayal is revealed, I’m there with the protagonist. Because in the latter scenario, our close friend now seems like an unstable psychopath who can’t see the difference between a joke and something serious. And everything that our protagonist had to go through during the course of the story is all because the close friend is a maniac who wanted revenge for something trivial. I cannot. I tend to like stories with this trope more so when the close friend is avenging a wrong done to someone else other than them. Naan Sigappu Manithan did it relatively well, granted the guy was really a maniac. But it was done well because the guy was a maniac from the get-go and didn’t halfway change to be a vengeful maniac. Another recent movie that did this trope well was Puriyatha Puthir. So yea, to me this trope is all about the motive which when done badly, can trivialise the entire story.
everyone keeping a secret from the protagonist for his/her own good
  • no. And you know what I hate more? Everyone constantly alluding to the fact that everything that is happening makes sense because of this secret. If you’re not going to reveal a secret, don’t make it seem like people are hiding something. Because the protagonist is always going to find out. But because no one wants to say it, there’s unnecessary conflict, unnecessary drama, someone will have to die and that dying person is going to reveal the truth on their death bed. We could have prevented this. But suppose, people don’t make it obvious. Suppose a story is in our protagonist’s point of view, we will see their actions manifest in whatever ways the secret manifests. The issue with this is, the protagonist will obviously be a special snowflake. It’s in your face. It’s in everyone’s faces. What are you hiding? What’s better is if the secret is revealed instantly. And then there’s a whole other set of problems in our protagonist’s way, nothing like what the people would have expected. But I won’t lie, I really hate this trope. I more commonly see it in Tamil movies. As for a book, The Star Touched Queen comes to mind. Like the previous trope, I really need a strong reason as to why something is being kept from the protagonist.
cliques/relationships comprising of vastly different people
  • best friends/lovers whose relationship works out in stories need to have some sort of similarity. I mean c’mon. Opposites are tiresome. They are fun to be around with on some days but you won’t be want to be with someone on the other end of the spectrum day in, day out. Opposites only attract momentarily. I do not think Ron and Hermoine should have ended up together. Ginny and Harry’s fine. I can actually see Hermoine with either George or Fred. Because the twins and Hermoine, despite being hella different, they are both hella spectacular and talented and they respect each others’ prowess. They are on each other’s leagues. Hermoine just would not have a fulfilling relationship with Ron. And then we have Five Point Someone and Of Course I Love You, Til I Find Someone Better, I did not finish either of these books and it’s mainly because the friendship was terrible. The characters were terrible and the friendship was terrible. Why are these people even friends? Why is their relationship even coined as friendship?
special because special
  • when the protagonist has some amazing unique quality that everyone else is raving about when in actual fact said quality is not amazing nor unique. And I especially hate it if it’s some human quality like love, faith, hope, stop. And while the whole universe is raving about it, the protagonist is totally oblivious and is like this is a normal quality. Exactly, it is a normal quality. I don’t understand why you have a world raving about it and if it’s so raved about, I don’t understand why the protagonist doesn’t stop once to think about why they are the way they are. Because if it is a unique quality that means there had to be a situation that makes it impossible for someone to have said quality and yet they do. I need to know the situation. And I need to know why the protagonist is special too. But I’m warning you, if the ONLY reason someone has this SPECIAL quality is because they ARE SPECIAL… terrible. Because let’s face it, if it’s such an amazing quality, everyone should want to achieve it, so it should be made to seem like everyone actually has it in them and that it just manifests more prevalently in the special snowflake because of circumstances. Just my opinion.
  • and I absolutely hate it if the special-ness is because the protagonist is a reincarnate. Well, I will have nothing to say then, won’t I? Sure. I guess you’re special then. Great. Go be special. Do special things. I really hate reincarnate stories,   especially if prior to the person realising they are the reincarnate, they are completely normal, absolutely nothing special, maybe even trashy but the moment they are told, they suddenly can wield their powers. I’m looking at you,  The Star Touched Queen. And I don’t remember the movie much but 7-am Arivu I think the way they tried to make the hero remember his old powers is just no.
love triangles
  • I just don’t like love triangles, especially if the whole plot is just that. I have nothing else for this. I can’t explain it. I just feel there are many more problems in life. In all my twenty-three years of life, I have never encountered anyone in a love triangle. Never. One person deciding between two people, yes. Two people fighting over one person, never. I just… no. The only time I’m okay with a love triangle is when it’s not a triangle. I like when the entity receiving two people’s love knows who he/she loves and isn’t questioning who he/she really loves. A lot of dramas do this well. Goong, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, The Moon That Embraces The Sun etc. The only exception of a drama which was definitely the girl confused over two guys and two guys kind of fighting over the same girl that I still thoroughly enjoyed was Discovery of Love. Oh that was a terrific drama.
  • my problem actually isn’t with instalove. My problem is when that instalove ends and you have characters getting really upset and depressed. Because the thing about instalove is that it’s not developed. The love is just infatuation and let’s get on with it. Great. But if someone is about to ruin themselves for something that was immature…
villains without a cause
  • I’ve mentioned this quite a bit as well. God do I abhor villains without a cause. Do not be bad for money. If there’s a villain that wants to be bad for power, I’m still okay with it, but I want to know what the villain wants to do with that power. Why is power important to the villain. What is he trying to achieve. And if it’s just he wants to be the one making the decisions… like… what decisions does he want to make? Voldemort’s desire for power is to make magic a pure-blood thing. I can’t remember what Nritti’s motivations was in The Star Touched Queen. And actually I’m not too sure what Duryodhana’s feud with the Pandavas was in Mahabharata. I think it was some sort of deep-rooted jealousy which is another motivation I dislike. But seriously, nothing is worse than having money as the cause, ermagherd. Although I only see this in Tamil movies. Usually, in the books I’ve read so far, the motives of the villains or the antagonists have been quite decent.
  • I get upset about this a lot. Subplots that go unaddressed but you are made to assume that everything went well. I cannot. In Aval, when someone is killed but no one goes to jail. Movie magic. No. Don’t do that, please.



What do you dislike seeing in stories?

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